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Superyacht Foodie, Kim Kardashian and Gordon Ramsey Supporting Finnish Food Brands
19 Aug

Superyacht Foodie, Kim Kardashian and Gordon Ramsey Supporting Finnish Food Brands

Kim Kardashian recently shared the Finnish drink brand Lonkero to her 239 million followers in her Instagram stories.

What an amazing surprise for this small Finnish company that had simply been targeting many different high net worth individuals by sending them free samples for tasting. Luckily this proven method is also one of the ways that Superyacht Foodie helps our clients reach the high-net-worth individuals within the superyacht community.

TUVYC and Superyacht Foodie image of Kim Kardashian

Superyacht Foodie is a marketing platform that sources very fine, healthy, rare and sustainable food and drink products and introduces them to the superyacht industry. We deliver samples directly to the provisioning companies that supply the luxury yachts and then create the demand by sharing the same samples with the yachts for their chefs and interior crew to taste and explore. At the same time, we promote the brands globally sharing recipes and ideas via the dedicated Superyacht Foodie social media channels, and make sure all the food and drink brands stay firmly in the minds of our audience.

We enable new innovative food and drink producers to get their produce on the tables of superyacht clients. Although we only started the platform earlier this year, we can already see a great growth in our followers and in the first few months we delivered tasting baskets to five top provisioning agents in med and to chefs and chief stews onboard nine yachts. The feedback has been great and some of the products have already been requested on orders from the yacht chefs and interior crew.

TUVYC and Superyacht Foodie image of Gordon Ramsey in Finland

Next, we have Gordon Ramsay who used to hate Finnish food, yet the latest episode of his new series on National Geographic sees Gordon travelling to Finland and enjoying cooking with my former chef student Kim Mikkola who is now a Michelin star chef that helps him discover the special food of our country.

Superyacht Foodie started its journey by promoting Finnish food to the superyacht community. At the moment we have 17 Finnish companies that we are supporting during this first season of Superyacht Foodie which ends with a live tasting event at the Monaco Yacht Club from 10 -18 CET on the 18th of September. We will be running this free event alongside our Life After Yachting event happening at the same time so you are all welcome to join us at this fantastic networking opportunity to sample the Finnish culinarily delights and meet the producers behind them.

We are also pleased to announce that there are many more fantastic food and drink products lined up for our next tasting baskets which we will be working on from October marking the start of our winter season.

I think these are all great reasons to stay tuned and we will let you more regarding the event at Monaco Yacht Club very soon.

Image of Kim Kardashian credit - Tellerreport 

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Superyacht Foodie Summer Hits
15 Jun

Superyacht Foodie Summer Hits

Exceptionally crafted menus showcasing cutting edge food concepts and unusual ingredients is a huge part of the superyacht experience.

Our aim with Superyacht Foodie is to connect the producers of exquisite, sustainable, healthy and speciality food and drinks, many of which are also vegan, with the trusted superyacht provisioners who understand how to store, transport and deliver them to superyachts globally.

In partnership with leading provisioners and yacht agents such as Evolution Yachts, Green Chilli and Froggy Gourmet, tasting baskets have been delivered directly to yacht chefs and chief stews onboard nine yachts from 53m to 110m in Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Genoa, La Ciotat and Barcelona and they will be encouraged to reach out to their preferred provisioners or agents when they are ready to order.

Primarily a marketing space for niche, luxury food and drink producers to enter the superyacht market and offer their products straight to the provisioners on board or on shore, we will not sell the globally sourced produce directly to the yachts and instead will focus on supporting the food producers, provisioners, chefs and stews by sourcing and promoting an ever-increasing bank of fine foods yet to be discovered.

In addition to our hand delivered tasting baskets; networking events will be held at key yachting locations with the first planned at the Monaco Yacht Club in September, demonstration videos from Michelin star and yacht chefs are in production, and recipe ideas and menu suggestions will be shared to help introduce the products to interested superyachts.

Starting with 17 brands from Finland and beyond our aim is to help yacht chefs and chief stews rediscover their passion for provisioning!


Summer Basket Partner Brands

Distillery - Tjudö Vingård

Tjudo Vingard liquor

Distinguished apple liquors using local, natural ingredients with no additives. Handmade from an original family recipe and presented in a stunning and uniquely crafted bottle featuring a signature glass apple.


Snacks & Aperitifs - Fazer

Fazer crisp oat

Wholesome, tasty and environmentally conscious oat-based crisps and breads, perfect for aperitifs, starter dishes and snacks throughout the day.


Brewery - Malmgard

Award winning, carefully crafted oat, wheat, and Finnish barley malt artisan beers in a range of sweet, bitter and fruity flavours. This eco-conscious company donate yearly to ocean conservation projects.


Confectionary - Taiga Chocolate

Vegan, gluten and dairy free, responsibly handcrafted premium confectionary inspired by the unique flavours of Finnish nature. Includes dark chocolate containing antioxidants and serotonin precursors and delicious freeze-dried berries that retain 97% of their vitamins. Think superfoods for the mind and body.


Soft Drinks - Kuohu

Exceptional Class 1 water described as “Energetic, joyful and bright like music from Mozart” by a renowned water Sommelier. Protection of the pure environment that the water is sourced from is at the forefront of the production process.


Superfoods - Arctic Forest

Handcrafted Artic Superfood Bars are packed full of pure local Nordic ingredients that are free from additives, gluten, dairy and soy. High in fibre they are born out of a love of quality raw ingredients and an appreciation of the environment that inspired them.


Brewery - Saimaa Brewing

100% organic beers from a micro-brewery who have sustainability at the forefront of their solar powered production. Their field to table philosophy ensures their drinks can be enjoyed with a totally clear conscience.

Snacks & Aperitifs - Leader Foods


High protein, gluten free, low lactose snack bars with no added sugar that are packed with award winning flavour and look great.


Brewery - Tornion Panimo

Artisan beers made from the pure artic waters of Lapland. Tornion use 100 % renewable energy combined with centuries-old traditional brewing techniques, and only the best locally sourced ingredients.


Soft Drinks - HILE Water

Trailblazers in promoting healthy and ethical production all whilst being the officially certified water of Santa Claus! 100 % organic, uniquely clean, untreated, and presented in a beautifully enticing crystal-clear glass bottle.


Superfoods - Elixi Oil

Flaxseed and fruit crush mixes providing an excellent source of protein, fibre and omega 3. A perfect addition to health shakes and cereal dishes, their cold pressing process seals in all the vitamins and minerals you need.


Brewery - Stadin Panimo

Officially ‘The best beer in Finland’ with no artificial colours, flavours or additives, this company strive to be pioneers in the field of micro-brewing and focus on experimental malted and aroma speciality beers.


Speciality meats - Veljekset Rönkä Maustaja Sauces

Veljekset Rönkä provide premium reindeer, beef and lamb locally sourced in the northern wilderness of Finnish Lapland with complimentary sauces from Maustaja. Quality, state of origin and animal welfare are at the forefront, giving people a healthy, ethical, and environmentally conscious choice.


Soft Drinks - Soul Mate

All-natural alternative energy drink harnessing the ancient South American native Yerbe Mate plant and its natural caffeine, combined with antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system, bone and muscle growth and good electrolyte balance.


Superfoods - Poikain Parhaat

Vegan, gluten and lactose free freeze-dried berries containing no artificial flavours, colours or additives, just 100% Finnish berries. Super rich in vitamins and nutrients, processing is minimal keeping them lightly handcrafted and authentic in taste.


Snacks & Aperitifs - Real Snacks

Oikia Oatis are gluten free, vegan and contain 40% less fat than potato crisps. Proud to source locally and ensure traceable ingredients - even the name of the farm is labelled on the recyclable packaging.


Plant Based - Verso Food

Plant based, fabulous alternative to meat that is vegan, gluten and soy free whilst being very high in protein. Using a broad bean base this is a nutrient rich power dish, tasty, healthy and responsibly brought to the table with a shelf life of 8 months.


We launched Superyacht foodie in the Spring of 2021 and have already received lots of positive feedback from yacht chefs, chief stews, yacht agents and provisioning companies. With popularity growing we are now starting to accept enquires for our Autumn basket.

Please email if you would like your foodie brand to be considered and follow Superyacht Foodie Social Media to keep up with all our innovative food and drink partners.

Instagram | Facebook

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Superyacht Foodie is born
28 Apr

Superyacht Foodie is born

The last six months have been very busy creating and developing our new initiative for TUVYC market entry consultancy, Superyacht Foodie.

Superyacht foodie is a marketing channel for new food products to enter the yachting industry. We select the finest ingredients from around the world putting lots of time and effort into researching and sourcing the very best organic, healthy, and sustainable next generation food produce.

Superyacht Foodie then connects the producers of the chosen speciality food and drinks, many of which are also vegan and gluten free, with the trusted superyacht provisioners who understand how to store, transport and deliver them to superyachts globally.

We will not sell the globally sourced produce directly to the yachts and instead will focus on supporting the food producers, provisioners, chefs and stews by sourcing and promoting an ever-increasing bank of fine foods yet to be discovered. Our aim is to re-ignite people’s passion for provisioning!

This has been my focus for the last few months together with Business Finland. I am really excited to be able to support Finnish companies but also to use my knowledge as an ex-superyacht chef to introduce new and exciting products to my fellow chefs.Yacht Chef placing garnish on starter dish

We all know that the last year has not been easy for many of us. I have been very fortunate to be able to bring both the Life After Yachting movement and Superyacht Foodie to fruition. Both LAY and Superyacht Foodie have a positive and supportive impact for the yachting industry. We all love food and being together! This is really our philosophy behind this all.

Life After Yachting has also had a new injection of energy. Using the Life After Yachting Platform for recruitment, we have started working with Tara Smuts our new social media manager and Melissa Hesslop who will be assisting us in all areas. Sarrah Macey will continue heading up the marketing department and working with Tara and Melissa and I to make sure we keep you all up to date with the latest news and developments.  Welcome to the team ladies!

This is very much in line with the LAY philosophy of giving ex yachties the opportunity to work with us, and for all of us to develop new skills together. Tara and Melissa will be taking a very active role in both LAY and Superyacht Foodie and we can’t wait to share even more about these amazing projects.

We have some fabulous new features coming up for LAY as well as a number of great new partners joining the yacht crew support team. We have also had lots of interest from outside the yachting industry which is another big win for everyone involved.

I truly believe that together with our partners we are on the right path to provide an amazing, industry wide community, here to support yacht crew and enjoy all aspects of the yachting lifestyle.

Ciao for now,




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Life After Yachting Onshore Employment Webinar for Yacht Crew
24 Nov

Life After Yachting Onshore Employment Webinar for Yacht Crew

Thursday 26th November from 9-12 CET

Join us for three hours of lively discussions, job opportunities and debates around yacht crew, land-based employment and the dreaded 'Golden Handcuffs'.

Everyone is welcome and we will be broadcasting on Zoom via this secure link

and live on Superyacht Radio

LAY Focus | Onshore employment – Recruitment paths – Golden handcuffs

What should crew be doing if they are looking for direct employment in a land-based environment?

What advice is important for yacht crew planning their exit?

What opportunities are out there for interior, deck and engineering professionals? 

Official Program

9.00 CET - Welcome note with Sarrah Macey (Global Superyacht Marketing), Titta Uoti-Vaisanen (TUVYC) and Maeve Dempsey (SuperYacht Radio).  

9.15 CET - Emma Parkes (Church House Investments) will present “How to avoid fraud - 10 questions to ask your investment manager or financial adviser” with a 10-minute discussion at the end.

9.45 CET - Donna Murray from Hill Robinson Elite will be interviewed by Sarrah and Titta.

10.15 CET - Inge Nielsen Ltd tells the story of her yachting life and her life after yachting in an Interview with Sarrah and Titta.

10.30 CET - Anna Petchell Coaching talks about crew coaching and the value of useful workshops.

10.45 CET - The Debate - “Golden handcuffs” is the return shameful?” Sarrah, Titta, Anna, Dale Fisher from Proteus Recruitment and Nuno do o Caeiro from Earth and Sea Elite will be discussing a two way exit strategy, telling their own stories and finding out how to break the shame around returning to the sea if a land based life didn’t work out as planned.

11.45 CET - Wrap up and new job offers for crew by Sarrah, Titta and Maeve.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Is BOREOUT a bigger problem than BURNOUT in the yachting industry?
26 Oct

Is BOREOUT a bigger problem than BURNOUT in the yachting industry?

According to Wikipedia Boredom boreout syndrome is a psychological disorder that causes physical illness, mainly caused by mental underload at the workplace due to lack of either adequate quantitative or qualitative workload. Could this be a bigger problem in our industry than the usual mental and physical burnout that has been talked about in great detail?

I read some interesting interviews about people that have been diagnosed with Boreout syndrome and it seems that it often arises in project style working where sometimes you are overly busy and stressed, and some months there is very little to do at all. In the yachting industry it takes great skill from the HOD’s to motivate the crew and keep them focused. I think actively encouraging people to study and take part in internal on the job learning could be one solution to this. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an industry wide change where crew could more easily switch between working onboard and onshore?

As part of the Life After Yachting movement I have been in talks with some educational institutes like the prestigious Les Roches hospitality school in Switzerland. Together with G.U.E.S.T. we are working towards getting credits for yacht crew from the superyacht training courses they complete, that count towards modules of the bachelor and master level degrees that Les Roches provide.

Currently it looks like we may be able to transfer G.U.E.S.T. course credits to the practical working modules for a number of their qualifications. Yacht Crew can also complete hospitality studies after their yachting career to be able to ensure they have an internationally credited certificate for their future, and we are opening discussions with other institutes and universities to offer similar accreditation options for superyacht specific certificates.   

My aim is to develop collaborations between universities, hospitality schools and yacht training facilities to offer robust online or distance learning qualifications for yacht specific courses that would already be accredited by them, giving the crew wider options for their life after yachting. Bringing this full circle, this in turn would hopefully partially resolve motivation issues and encourage people to continue to develop themselves during their down time and not to fall into the Boreout trap.  

In other news

The Finnish government owned Business Finland organisation has invited TUVYC Ltd to join its official list of recommended international consultancies. We are very proud of this recognition by the international business community.

Last but not least, the first Life After Yachting virtually live event was a great success. After discussions with crew and partners we have decided to leave our professional matchmaking portal open all year round and develop the entire Life After Yachting movement so that we can support and have a positive impact to peoples yachting life throughout their career cycle.

Stay tuned and more news will be coming soon.   


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Life after Yachting Live Virtual Event Program
16 Sep

Life after Yachting Live Virtual Event Program

What a month September is turning out to be. 

I couldn't be more thrilled with the support and interest in the Life After Yachting movement. So many talented crew are registering for access to our month long online portal and finding onshore work, or taking advantage of all the free advice and support offered by our amazing support team.

If you haven't already registered then please visit and click the blue button.

Then we have our LIVE virtual event this Friday 18th September filled with even more guidance, experience sharing and help from our supporters, some inspirational stories from crew that made the jump ashore and never looked back, and of course the Krakens Den... 

You can join our event via Zoom with the secure link available in the program tab of the online portal, or listen live all day on Superyacht Radio.

Here is the full program and timings for Friday. We hope you can virtually join us!

10.00 CET - Welcome note with Sarrah Macey (Global Superyacht Marketing), Titta Uoti-Vaisanen (TUVYC) and Maeve Dempsey (SuperYacht Radio).

10.30 CET - Anna from APetchell Coaching will explain her approach to helping crew plan and execute their exit strategy and what kind of services she offers.

11.00 CET - Emma Parkes (Church House Investments) will tell us about how their yacht crew investment program can help crew successfully plan their finances around any exit strategies.

11.30 CET - Will Faimatea (BOND TM) shares his story about moving from being onboard as an ETO to founding multiple globally successful businesses in an interview with Titta and Sarrah.

12.00 CET - Simone Embacher - Kaiserschnecke tells her inspirational story about transitioning from yachtie to snail farmer in a film produced specially for Life After Yachting.

12.30 CET - Lunch time entertainment. Great music from SuperYacht Radio with a selection of short messages from crew round the world.

13.30 CET- Join us for the first ever Kraken’s Den where our leaders of yachting help two entrepreneurs develop their business plans.

15.00 CET - Tony Stout (YACHTNEEDS) shares his journey from First Mate to creating and running the hugely successful superyacht app and website in an interview with Titta and Sarrah.

16.00 CET - Joey Meen (GUEST & IAMI) talks about working with Susanne Welle, Dean of the Undergraduate Program at Les Roches  hospitality school in Switzerland to facilitate the recognition of superyacht qualifications.

16.30 CET - Catelin Vaughan (ISWAN) will tell us about the new initiatives the 24h Seafarers help line have to specifically support yacht crew.  

17.00 CET - Wrap-up and future plans with Titta and Sarrah.

As always we couldn't do this without our partner and support network. We are forever grateful to:

Sarrah from Global Superyacht Marketing, John from FunAir, Tony from YACHTNEEDS, Will and Angela from Bond TM, Anna from Anna Petchell Coaching, Emma from Church House Investments, Jessica from WilsonHalligan, Joey from G.U.E.S.T., Susanne from La Roches Hospitality School, Caitlin from ISWAN, Pandora from Art On Yachts, Jesse from Eventilla, Iiro from Tavata Events and of course the amazing team at Superyacht Radio.

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Financially preparing for a Life After Yachting
19 Aug

Financially preparing for a Life After Yachting

Welcome to the first of our series of guest articles written by the Life After Yachting support network. These articles will be filled with insight and advice for yacht crew, and the authors will be on hand via our online portal to provide ongoing support when you need it. Registration for the portal opens on September 1st and you can find the link on the Life After Yachting Website. Please email us if you would like to be notified directly when the portal opens. 

The first article is brought to you by the fabulous Emma Parkes from Church House and discusses all things financial. 

Take it away Emma...


Are you prepared financially for a Life After Yachting?

Transitioning to a Life After Yachting can be a difficult process, fraught with stress, anxiety and indecision. One key factor that can make this whole process more comfortable and successful, is to get yourself into a strong financial position that will give you flexibility and time to make the right choices for you. Below are 5 key points that you should consider.

Things to be doing now

  1. Plan your exit - cash flow modelling, so you know what you need to be doing now to achieve the future you want
  2. Make the most of your savings – consider investing
  3. Liquidity & Control - Make sure your investments are liquid and that you have control over how much you add and when
  4. Tax efficiency - Make sure you are saving as tax efficiently as possible whilst working at sea so that you minimise any tax you might need to pay once you return to land
  5. Pension - Start your pension as early as possible!


1.    Plan an exit

First things first, you need to be organised and planned for an exit from yachting. This is not only a plan for a fixed date, but a “what if” contingency plan should you have to give up yachting for reasons beyond your control – be that injury, family reasons, whatever. You need to know that you have savings available to look after you should you not be able to work. I would suggest having at least 6 months’ living expenses at your disposal at all times in case of an unplanned exit from the industry. Everyone should have this in place from the start of their career – just in case.

Now if you are making a plan for a scheduled exit, there are various factors that you should consider, that you may not have had to worry about previously. These will vary slightly depending on your reason for leaving – are you looking for a land based job, setting up a business or retiring for example.

  • If you are leaving to find a new job, you will need a realistic estimate of how much you hope to earn NET of tax i.e. after you have paid tax. Then factor in rent or mortgage payments, and of course all of those little extras you might not have had to pay for before – deodorant, shower gel etc! This all mounts up and will really impact what you will be left with at the end of a month of working on land. You should find out if your new employer will offer your things like private health care, and what pension benefits they will offer you. Are you on a contract, a full time employee or self-employed? This will impact things like paid holiday or sick leave.
  • You may be leaving to set up your own business. In this case it is really important that you keep that emergency buffer separate from cash that you might be thinking of investing into your new business. It is all too easy to misjudge how much you plan to invest in a business and leave yourself with nothing at all to live off.
  • Even if you are retiring and have built up a nice pot of savings over your career, it is of course really important to have a clear idea of what you will need to live off to have the lifestyle you want and have been looking forward to.

Cash flow Modelling

A really good way to work out the sums for these considerations is to use cash flow modelling. A cash flow model is a detailed picture of your assets, debts, income and expenditure. We can then project this forward, year by year, using assumed rates of growth, income, inflation, and interest rates. We can also model a range of different ‘what if’ cash flow scenarios and outcomes. This allows us to address any major concerns, including:

  • What you must do now to achieve your financial objectives
  • How seemingly minor changes can dramatically change your financial future
  • How to avoid running out of money
  • How long your will be able to support your desired lifestyle in retirement

Contact an adviser who can help you run cash flow models that you then keep up to date with changes in your career or hopes for the future, meaning that you can stay on top of what you need to be doing now to achieve these.


2.    Make the most of your savings

You have worked hard to get them so now they need to work hard for you! As explained, always keep a cash buffer in case of a crisis. To keep all your savings in cash however could be seen as “reckless caution!” In other words people see cash as risk free and beyond that are recklessly forgoing the potential for growth and suffering the risk of cash. Cash is not risk free  – inflation is a very real risk.


For those who might not be entirely clear about what inflation actually means, it is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, thereby eroding the value of the cash you hold.

As an everyday example, we can look at the price of a cup of coffee. I have an example here which neatly explains it. The example is in dollars but of course inflation applies in all currencies.

In the year 2020 your coffee can cost as much as $2.50. This means that $100 in the year 2000, when a coffee would have only cost $1.00, could have bought you 100 coffees. The rising price of coffee (i.e. inflation) means that same $100 can now only buy you 40 coffees.

We can see how inflation effects savings when we compare the growth of cash savings versus equity markets over the last 10 years. £10k invested in cash 10 years ago is now worth £8,424. This is because of inflation which has averaged 2% annually over those 10 years – your £10k from 2010 will no longer buy you the same number of coffees, tanks of fuel, pints of beer because they have all got more expensive. If inflation is running at 2%, and your bank is paying you 0.5% interest, you are effectively losing 1.5% per year – a scary thought!

The stock market however, as represented by the FTSE All Share, over the same period has turned £10k into £21,354. How has it done this? Well – you are buying into the companies who are increasing their prices in line with inflation and other market factors, thereby helping to retain the “real” value of your investment, and ideally growing your nest egg.

It is widely expected that within a year or so post COVID-19, inflation will start to increase so this threat of inflation is ever more present. If the rate of interest paid on your cash does not keep pace – you are losing money in real terms. With interest rates at record lows, and indeed some EUR accounts offering negative interest rates, this is a very real worry.

So what can you do? Consider an Investment Portfolio

So we have discussed the risk around saving in cash, so what about the risk of investing. People sometimes consider investing to be high risk but really it needn’t be. A good investment manager can tailor a portfolio for you to meet your objectives and appetite for risk, by investing in quality, well run companies and stocks. There are other benefits too.


Diversification is an important risk management strategy that mixes a variety of investments within a single portfolio. By holding a mix of distinct asset types, your Investment Manager can limit exposure to any single asset class or risk. Diversification strives to smooth out unsystematic risk - risk that is inherent in a specific company or industry. The benefits of diversification hold only if the securities (and currencies) in the portfolio are not perfectly correlated—that is they respond differently to market influences.

Historically, portfolios constructed of different kinds of assets have yielded higher long-term returns and lowered the risk than that of individual holdings or securities. Property is often the go to investment for yachties, and there is of course something to be said for bricks and mortar. However, I would caution against investing all your hard earned savings in one asset class. Remember that we are usually overexposed to property anyway. If we are lucky enough to own our own house or flat, that usually represents the majority of our assets, so to then invest further in property does mean you are significantly focusing your risk in one area.

Income Potential

By saving wisely throughout your career, your investment portfolio can be tailored to generate a targeted level of income. This might be to supplement your living expenses whilst setting up a business, or indeed might help you to afford to grow your family, or even retire. This flexibility to switch a portfolio from a capital growth mandate to income is invaluable as we move through life and the different challenges it brings. 


Equity markets have fallen decisively since January 2020 when Wuhan went into lockdown, but have stabilised during April, May and June. So is now a good time to invest some cash reserves into the market? If you are a long-term investor with a minimum 5 year time horizon, and you have cash reserves to cover contingencies, then yes, investing cash that would otherwise be in the bank producing next to zero returns (or a negative return after inflation) makes good sense at current levels. Why? Because you are buying into today’s market but at 2016 prices. It has been noted that financial markets are the only “shop” in which you hoist up a sign saying “33% off” and everyone rushes for the exits!

In the short-term, markets may well take another tumble on bad news, in which case we will utilise the opportunity to invest more of the cash we continue to hold as dry powder during these uncertain times. But unless you believe people are going to stop spreading marmite on their toast, why would you not add to a long term holding like Unilever 30% cheaper than you could last year?

3.    Liquidity and control over investments

You should consider if your assets are “liquid”, i.e. can you sell the asset easily converting it to cash in a short amount of time. Cash is the most liquid asset. However, some investments are easily converted to cash, like shares, gilts and bonds. So they are also referred to as liquid assets. Land, property, or buildings are considered the least liquid assets because it could take weeks or months to sell them. The same can be said for assets like wine or cars, since these items take time to sell, and in order to release cash quickly, you may have to accept a price well below what you believe the asset to be worth. It is important that your investments are liquid so that they can be flexible to support your needs.

If you have saving plans, make sure they are flexible. Try not to get trapped into a plan that has a fixed level of contributions that are required every month for a number of years. You may find that you are not able to make the payments if you leave yachting, which could leave you subject to nasty surrender fees and penalties.

4.    Future tax efficiency

What can you do to minimise tax liabilities – many yachties will qualify for the Sea Farers Earnings Deduction whilst at sea, so are tax exempt. But it is really important to make sure you are saving in a way that allows the assets you have to remain out of the tax net once you return to land. For UK yachties the use of ISA and pensions are obvious ones. Then there are other options that can be explored such as offshore bonds.

5.    Pension


Emma Parkes, Yacht Crew Investments by Church House


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Meet the Krakens Den panel at Life After Yachting
5 Aug

Meet the Krakens Den panel at Life After Yachting

As promised, I can now reveal some of our business angels for the Life After Yachting Kraken’s Den.

We are delighted to have John Courtney, Managing Director of FunAir and Will Faimatea, founder and director of Bond TM joining myself, AnnaMari Lammassaari from SourceRiviera and Sarrah Macey from Global Superyacht Marketing in the Den.

John and Will are a big reason why our start-up incubator has been very busy of late. They bring years of valuable experience operating successful global yachting businesses and are incredibly excited to support our entrepreneurs. During the virtual Krakens Den event they will review and feedback on the hugely diverse ideas and business plans our start-ups are working on, and help them to refine a realistic business plan and or investment pitch.

The team at LAY have been working alongside our exciting leadership line up to support our entrepreneurs and yacht crew looking for onshore employment. Our team of career advisors, financial advisors and educational institutes, some of whom are also ex-yachties, are helping crew develop their dream careers and sharing valuable experiences and advice. It's such a fulfilling program to be involved with.

I am also excited to announce that SuperYacht Radio are supporting us and are broadcasting a regular program over the next few weeks that will be turned into a podcast you can listen to at any time. The first two in the series are live and can be found on and are based around highlighting the difficulties faced by yacht crew wanting to move ashore and how the LAY team and all our partners are supporting that move. 

Being an ex yachtie myself and listening to many stories on how challenging the onboard to onshore transition can be, my aim is that this start-up incubator will support, assist and offer new opportunities for as many crew as possible.

Now, talking of partners, lets meet our leadership Kraken’s and find out more about the people you will need to impress with your pitch…

John Courtney - Managing Director of FunAir

John Courtney MD at FunAir

John has been with FunAir since 2014, following a long career in technology. Responsible for the sales, marketing and design teams, John finds it exciting to be part of an industry where there is so much innovation and loves the fact that fun is now such a significant part of the superyacht experience.

His leadership role within the global yachting sector has allowed John to observe a change in lifestyle and how our industry is continuously evolving to become more experimental and active.

As a keen lover of design and innovation, process and new technology he is delighted to be part of the investor community and thrilled to have the opportunity to help develop new ventures and support yacht crew from around the world.

Will Faimatea – Founder and director of Bond TM.

Will Faimetea founder of Bond TM

Will Faimatea started his marine experience working for Honeywell as a systems engineer and teaching GMDSS to mariners. This presented him with the opportunity to become an ETO on MY Coral Island. After several new builds and being at sea for close to 7 years (without rotation) he was asked to lead the technology management of a fleet of yachts which included Ecstasea, Pelorus, Sussurro, Luna and Eclipse.

It was after years of this exposure that he saw a niche market for consultancy in audio visual, IT, communications and security for the superyacht industry. Bond Technology Management has now successfully operated for over 14 years, and many other companies have since spawned from this initial concept.

Will explains, “I still love working in the yacht industry and being innovative with groups of talented people."

Titta Uoti-Väisänen - Founder of TUVYC and Life After Yachting
Titta TUVYC Founder

I have worked on board some of the world’s largest yachts, for some of the most powerful and well known owners. A lifelong sailor, I am well versed in the nuances that come with the luxury yacht market. I also have an MBA in business management.

I believe I am an instrument of positive change for the companies I work with, supporting top-level business decisions by showing the importance of thorough and accurate research, and sharing how to obtain this. This then leads to future proof action plans and detailed, robust reporting that helps guide owners on a path of continuous development.

AnnaMari Lammassaari – Founder of SourceRiviera

AnnaMari from SourceRiviera

Anna Mari has a background in journalism, international branding, strategic positioning and communications. She brings over 35 years of consultation and leadership roles in multinationals as well as over 10 years’ experience as a China business advisor.

She currently lives on the French Riviera and runs SourceRiviera, a boutique consultancy and writers’ studio. Annamari helps her clients to energise their brands by creating relevant and meaningful communications strategies for winning concepts at an international level. Facilitating access to Chinese markets and building awareness among affluent Chinese customers is her unique expertise.

Sarrah Macey
– Founder and CEO of Global Superyacht Marketing
Sarrah Macey CEO of Global Superyacht Marketing

Sarrah founded Global Superyacht Marketing in 2015 when she realised businesses were crying out for independent and flexible marketing support from someone who understood the superyacht community. 

Since then she has worked on a range of projects from being the community manager for Monaco Yacht Show and developing their social strategy, to managing the full marketing mix (with her team) for numerous large and small yachting companies worldwide.

Sarrah brings knowledge and experience on the best way to present your company, where and how to market it to a very unique audience, and how to generate solid, convertible leads.


I am so pleased to have such a diverse and talented team behind Life After Yachting from our Krakens to our partners and advisors, and of course the LAY team behind the scenes.

More news is on its way so stay tuned and please do get in touch if you would like to be involved.


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Life After Yachting Event is hybrid
16 Jun

Life After Yachting Event is hybrid

Hybrid is the new buzzword in the events world. We have been adapting the Life After Yachting event to being hybrid before we even knew this was a thing. It’s good to know we are on the cutting edge, even if we didn’t realise it at first!

A hybrid event means that the event has been set up so that you can be involved either virtually online, or live in person, or both. There are many benefits to this. It gives a much wider, global audience the possibility to join in. During uncertain times like the present or for someone with ever changing commitments to consider, you can be part of the event and decide at a later stage if you are going to attend in person.

We have been working with the Eventilla event management app for a few months now and their work has been flawless. The app will allow crew and businesses to efficiently organise their time and meetings both virtually and at the live event. To accommodate the multiple moving parts of the Life After Yacht event they have also integrated with another app called Tavata that will take care of virtually matching crew with the right onshore employment opportunities.

It’s all very exciting and gives us an opportunity to learn new technology in this ever-changing business environment. The Eventilla and Tavata integration also allows us to go completely virtual if the COVID-19 situation takes a turn for the worst. I feel extremely positive about this flexible approach and believe that hybrid events are the way life is going to be moving forward.

It is interesting to see that the Superyacht Group have announced a similar approach today for the Global Superyacht Forum this year, so I think this will soon become the ‘new normal’ in yachting as well.

The world’s economy is struggling and that is a fact. Although many people in yachting have a bigger buffer than most for situations like this, there are also many marine businesses whose cashflows have been seriously affected. I have spoken to many yachting companies over the last few weeks and everyone is thinking careful about how they spend their marketing money and whether they are going to attend boat shows and events or not.

I have also understood from my discussions that some companies have not been hit very hard during the lockdown but are taking the opportunity to freeze their marketing budgets anyway, using the pandemic as their excuse…

This is a bad move in my opinion. Right now you get great value for your marketing money and will be more noticed than ever before for staying strong and getting the world rolling again. Freezing your spend without a good reason will deepen the downturn in our industry and make the situation last even longer.

That’s why I have decided to operate this year’s event on a nonprofit basis. By keeping costs down to a minimum, it allows a wider range of companies from career coaching, financial advice, yachting associations and of course the shipyards and onshore employers to join in, and it’s important that we all do our bit to bolster our beloved community.

The Life After Yachting event has a strong social responsibility element. It gives industry leaders the opportunity to give back to the crew that have supported them all these years. It’s only fair that we offer crew the chance to bring their skills ashore and be valued at the high standards they have worked so hard to achieve during their years of service at sea.

The StartUp incubator side of the event has been very active lately and we have some great new innovators coming to pitch to our Krakens. I feel extremely empowered to speak with young entrepreneurs who are full of energy and building up such great ideas. That’s what motivates me and makes me tick. I’ll give you on update on those startup’s and our event partners in my next blog when I will also introduce you our Krakens.

Keep tuned in.

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Moving on to the new normal
22 May

Moving on to the new normal

We are out of confinement in France for now… How long it’s going to last nobody knows. Here on the Cotes D’Azur the streets are busy and the schools are opened. Everybody is talking about the new normal, but what is it? Long term social distancing, face masks that match your outfit, cleaning your hands after every move you make….. Whatever it may be we will need to get used to it.

I do think lots of good things have come out of this lockdown. I’ve already mentioned the positives around distance learning, video conferences, webinars and the knock on effects of less travelling in my last blog ‘It’s time to stop and think’, but when I talk to people the funny thing is everybody seems to miss the same few things; their friends and extended family and exercise routines. I think we have all somehow been grounded and become more focused on what is important in and this is a very good thing.

This makes me think back over my last two months. I have been working from my home office while taking care of the family. It has been a great experiment on how to slow your life down but still get lots of done without the stress of commuting. I have been able to do all the final planning and background work for the Life After Yachting event, and we have decided to do the event partly virtual and partly live but with an easy option to go completely virtual if that the ways it needs to be in September.The website is up and looks great, thank you Sarrah from Global Superyacht Marketing! We have confirmed our three Investors / business angels who will be our panel on Kraken's Den business incubator board. I have been busy contacting companies from a very wide range of sectors, both inside and outside the yachting industry to be able to offer our yacht crew as many opportunities as possible.

We are also looking for career advisors, financial advisors, educational institutes, additional employers from shore based yachting companies and a hospitality partner to help evolve the Life After Yachting event.

We have already received great support from multiple yachting companies and first to partner with us is FunAir and YACHTNEEDS who both understand the positive social responsibility element to this event and are pleased to be able to support the crew they have both worked with in their journey to a shore based lifestyle.
We have now opened our doors to the first batch of entrepreneurial crew and young crew led businesses that would like to pitch their idea to our board of investors. If you have a new business and want to fast track your growth, or you have a great idea that needs some guidance on the best path to get started,  get in touch and we will help you to hone your plans, build your pitch to the investors and will follow your development via our social media, giving you a head start and great exposure to your future market.    

Much like all of us emerging from our homes, Life After Yachting is evolving and emerging into this new world as well.

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It’s time to stop and think
31 Mar

It’s time to stop and think

Corona is on everyone’s lips. Well we hope it’s not on everyone’s lips literally, but it’s all people are talking about that’s for sure. Bill Gates warned us about the devastating effects of a flu pandemic virus back in 2015 and the world did not take him seriously, or at least didn’t prepare for this level of pandemic, but it’s here now! We do not have the tools to fight or even to protect our health care workers, and the future is unknown for us all.

This was one of the main messages in a webinar that I participated in this week. The webinar was hosted by the Nordic Business forum and the speaker was Risto Siilasmaa who is a professional board member from Nokia and F-secure. He was talking about strategic scenario planning and difficulties to predict the future in this fast-changing world. His main message was that now is the time to stop and think while our freedom is restricted and our routines up in the air.

Is this virus natures way of telling us that we have come to the end of an era? Unnecessary travelling, commuting to work every day, abusing the natural resources and huge overpopulation. These are the problems we have not been able to resolve quickly enough without nature’s own intervention. I think we are going to find ourselves in a different kind of a world after this tragedy. I think that distributed workforce, autonomous working and distance learning is going to be a big part of our future way of living. The change is always scary for us all but I think the outcome will be a positive one at the end of the day. Personally I look forward to continuing this back to the basics lifestyle and embracing the most important things in our life like family time and health.   

I have been working with online video interviewing for the last five years now and because of the corona virus it looks like all our routines including exercise, social communication and work are going to be carried out digitally proving the online video platforms massive potential. You might even say that online video interviewing with all its live, record, replay and sharing possibilities is the new black.

I have also been deepening my thoughts around the Life after Yachting event in September at the Yacht Club de Monaco. Life after Yachting is going to be a ground breaking event for our industry and will of course follow the new wave and be partially virtual, very flexible and easily adjustable for a global audience learning a new way of living that we are going to find ourselves doing after the first stage of corona virus passes. Our lives will never be the same but hopefully it’s going to be more mindful and thank goodness for technology!

Stay safe.   

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Life after Yachting | An event for yacht crew looking for their next challenge
3 Mar

Life after Yachting | An event for yacht crew looking for their next challenge

Life After Yachting is a brand new superyacht event being held on the 18th of September from 10am - 6pm at the Monaco Yacht Club.

More than 1000 people decide to quit yachting every year and the average superyacht career lasts around eight short years.  

Where do crew go after life onboard? It’s a travesty that we lose that many valuable, highly skilled people who understand our uniquely niche industry every single year.

TUVYC has conducted lots of market research over the last five years that included talking with many hundreds of crew and onshore businesses. It has become apparent that the very specific skill sets of crew, and our yacht training qualifications are often not recognised outside the superyacht industry. This can be a huge problem once experienced crew decide to leave their onboard yachting life.

I believe there is such a lot of talent to be appreciated and shared back on land and that is how “Life After Yachting” event was born.Life after yachting written in the sandLife after Yachting is a one-day event at the Yacht Club de Monaco on the 18th of September 2020. The event is divided into two parts. A Jobs Fair for yacht crew looking for employed, land based work, and a START UP business incubator that takes crew with start up business ideas under its wing and helps them to prepare their pitch for the ‘Kraken’s Den’ of venture capitalists and financial institutions willing to invest in the right ideas, and help yacht crew to get their business off the ground. 

The Jobs Fair will offer an opportunity to meet up with onshore yachting companies alongside businesses from other luxury industries who understand the value of well-trained crew, and the skills and standards they work by. Crew will be able to showcase their specialist skills sets to companies who actively want to employ them, and the companies will offer a smooth transition to people’s life after yachting.

Participants of the StartUp business incubator will be invited to work with business school experts who will advise and assist with modifying and completing a successful business pitch.  This can then be presented to the investors in the Kraken’s Den session and also taken away to use in any future opportunities.Fulfil your destiny written in chalk on the pavement

How did I come up with the idea? It all started during MYS 2019. The International Superyacht Society held a seminar about entrepreneurship in yachting which Norma Trease kindly invited me to participate in because of the start up coaching side of the TUVYC business. After the event I had at least 10 people interested in talking to me about how to develop their idea into a successful business, and that’s how the idea of a Life after Yachting event began. 

Now the idea has grown to include all ‘crew retirees’ who either want to continue working in an onshore yachting position, those who want to branch out to other luxury sectors, and those who want to be land based and develop their own business adventures.

With this in mind we would like to invite people wondering what to do next, people with startup ideas, and land-based companies interested in taking advantage of the extraordinary skills superyacht crew have to offer to join us at this inaugural Life After Yachting event.

We already have a number of prestigious yachting companies signed up for the event before it has even officially launched.

Just another sign that makes me even more convinced that there is so much Life after Yachting to be enjoyed.

To find out more please visit the new Life After Yachting Website that is being updated over the coming weeks, and follow the event on FacebookInstagram and Linkedin for the latest news!

If you would like to arrange to meet up or discuss your participation please email and we will be in touch.


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Building for the next generation in Amsterdam?
29 Nov

Building for the next generation in Amsterdam?

For TUVYC attending business forums are an essential way to collect and check some of the knowledge we need to be able to offer our clients the relevant and useful business consultancy service that is our core business nowadays.

For the second year running I recently attended the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam that is held during the METS Trade Show. This year I participated in the first two days billed as the ‘Business Day” and the “ Owner Day”.

Last year I was thrilled with the content shared during keynotes and breakout sessions and learned about the different ways that millennials think and consume, and how we need to prepare our companies and ourselves for the new generation. That inspired me greatly. The forum had great substance, full of new ideas and interesting insight from a range of lecturers brought in from outside the superyacht industry.

Sadly this year was a disappointment in comparison. I felt that the forum flew the flag of the sponsors, basing many of the seminars around selling their products or services, and the real educational and inspirational substance was missing.

During the networking sessions I spoke to quite a few industry icons who told me that they do not participate in any of the keynotes or workshops any more, but use the forum as a valuable networking experience where they meet other key decision makers in a private and intimate setting.

My question is, do we need another event in the superyacht industry? Monaco Yacht Show was just a few weeks ago, followed by Pinmar Golf and then FLIBS just two weeks before GSF.

Am I missing a point?

If I compare the Global Superyacht Forum to the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki a month ago that had speakers like Steve Wozniak, Sara Blakely, Carla Harris, Randi Zuckerberg and Brené Brown just to mention few, we are not playing in the same league. And I’ll add that the price tag is just the same for both events...

I think future GSF's need to bring more external content in the form of other industry leaders and lecturers. It would be great to listen to someone from an inspiring luxury hospitality brand or some tech talent who have created a product that revolutionises another sector. I want to have my eyes opened to mind blowing developments, and be able to translate that to help improve the yachting industry.

Thank you for asking, TUVYC is doing great. We have some new interesting projects coming up that I will tell you about later on, and of course ongoing consultancy projects in the yachting industry.

After a few quiet months our online video interviewing platform RecRight has been integrated into the leading awarding organisation software system solution in the UK, Creatio. This has been a great long term project for us and we are looking forward to the additional global exposure we get from this collaboration.

Ciao for now!

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Swinging away ....
23 Oct

Swinging away ....

Growth is the most frequently used noun in my discussions with clients. It doesn’t matter if I speak to existing businesses or startup clients. It’s the same if I am at the Nordic business forum or Monaco Yacht Show.

We all want to know the most efficient formula to be able to successfully grow our business.

I was in Helsinki last week participating in the Nordic Business forum where the main headline was GROWTH. 7500 people from 46 countries gathered together to listen to world leading economist and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple, Sara Blakely founder of Spanx, Carla Harris, CEO of Morgan Stanley, Randi Zuckerberg, the first lady of Facebook, Brené Brown, professor from the University of Huston and not forgetting George Clooney who was there for more than just his good looks!. /infographic on Sara Blakely

The focus was innovation and how to make organisations accept innovation failure, and learn from their mistakes. There were also some very interesting arguments from Juliet Funt from WhiteSpace at work regarding time management in organisations and how much unnecessary meetings and replying to cc emails cost organisations.

She argues that based on their studies up to 1/3 of working hours are taken up with unnecessarily tasks. Wow! That’s something we all need to be mindful of and work towards resolving in the future…

Maybe a distributed workforce is the solution. I completely agree with the ideology of distributed workforce and that’s the way my organisation works. Let me explain.

In my company every consultant works independently and our only focus is to satisfy our clients anticipations and meet the project deadlines. I do not care if you are the personality type that wants to work in the middle of the night, as long as you deliver on time. I also feel that if my consultants work for multiple clients it widens their perspective and lifts their work ethics.

Distributed workforce is the new black. Millennials want to be independent but challenged at the same time and this way of organising your workforce supports that idea. 

The other thing I learned from the conference will help my start up clients. Our next project will simplify and therefore shorten innovation testing. This will become the preliminary tool for our start up clients supported by our funding program. Innovation lifespan in any sector is very short and that’s why we need to be able to test disruptive innovations fast and effectively. In return our clients will get a professional soft launch and the necessary feedback they need to refine their product or service with enough time to hard launch while the idea is still current.

Titta and friends at the MYS Fraser party

MYS 2019 was also a great success for us. Lots of new projects in the pipeline again and some very interesting new clients for TUVYC. Autumn is full of yacht shows, parties, networking and I feel extremely lucky to be part of it all. Next stop Amsterdam and I will meet you at the Global Superyacht Forum at METS.

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180 steps and 96 metres in 115 seconds
5 Sep

180 steps and 96 metres in 115 seconds

This is the distance from the beach for our new consulting project in Calabria. We have just been asked to manage a hotel development project in Calabria, Italy. This 4 star hotel has it own organic 9 hole golf course, organic vineyard and vegetable gardens.

I feel very honoured to be part of this project. The hotel has a unique location and history being situated on top of a cliff with a stunning private beach, all part of a 76-hectare organic farm. Can it get any better than that?

This summer has given me a well-deserved break from my daily routines and busy lifestyle. At the beginning of the summer I enjoyed hospitality from friends and family in Finland and after that I had the privilege to attend a yoga retreat by myself for a week in the most beautiful venue in Italy, surrounded by highly interesting people.

It is very important for our self-growth to be exposed to people from completely different backgrounds and points of view. It opens your eyes to see things from other perspectives, which can positively affect your home life and your work. My lesson learned is, “ Be open to new people and live your life with your eyes wide open!”

That takes me back a few years to when I first started talking about recorded online video Interviews. Funnily enough our new branch in that sector is based in the UK education industry. This project has been developing for the last few years and because of our lovely friends in yachting it will become a reality next month.

I think also in our professional life it is good to evaluate your goals from time to time and stop wasting energy with people and projects that have no return. I am in a very fortunate situation to be able to choose the projects I believe in and want to be involved with. I am just finalising a big project now that we have been working hard on for nine months now and we will be sending the completed project to my client in next few weeks. I am sure they are going to be very happy with the outcome and it will give them a great new structure and a comprehensive background study for their new business era.

It is again time to get ready for the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show 2019. We will be also meeting new candidates for our start up business coaching scheme. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss any of our business coaching products, or if you are interested in our RecRight recorded online video Interviewing software, and we can arrange to discuss options.

Ciao for now!

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Superyacht Group breakfast in London
18 Jun

Superyacht Group breakfast in London

I have been invited by the Superyacht Group to join a breakfast meeting in London to talk about The Real State of the Superyacht Market. This sounds just up my street and I will let you know how it goes. This time of year is always exciting as the Med season really starts to warm up, there is always so much going on and plenty to learn from when reviewing the previous year.

There is an ever increasing number of spring yacht shows like MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, Palma Superyacht Show and LYBRA’s Superyacht Show all running back to back, plus the Captains event in Montenegro and the Mediterranean Yacht Show in Greece. Combine those with other world class events like the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival and there are numerous luxurious way meet your clients, negotiate new projects and of course update yourself with the current market situation in yachting.

Titta, owner of TUVYC at Monaco Grand prix and MYBA Charter Show

A client has recently approached us to explore the Chinese market. We have agreed to study this unique sector and see if we can come up with a new strategy to enter that market. I lived in Singapore for a while a few years ago and studied Asian trade and culture, but I think it's time to get some serious local expertise behind this project and make sure we can provide the latest and most accurate report.

It is also time to increase and update our intelligence portfolio on crew employment. We have worked on a number of very successful projects in that area over the last few years and now it is time to add additional strength to our team.

We have also been working closely with our start up business coaching clients and we are happy to announce that one of them launched their business successfully at MYBA Charter Show and are now on their way to powering through their first season. Developing and growing a start up company is never straightforward, but you just need to believe in your idea and find good help in the areas where you have no previous experience. Coaching new businesses is something I feel very passionate about and get a huge sense of achievement watching how quickly an idea can bloom with the right attitude and lots of hard work.

Summer is finally here in the South of France after some very unsettled spring weather. I think it's about time to slow down the networking and start conducting the projects that we have been successful in signing up. I guess that means some long hours in front of the screen. Lets go!



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TUVYC Superyacht Captains Survey 2019
10 Apr

TUVYC Superyacht Captains Survey 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the crew recruitment process we are conducting a Captains survey over the next few months. 

Getting up to date and accurate feedback from Captains and crew is really important to our strategy of supporting the superyacht industry. We aim to improve and simplify the crew recruitment sector though technological advances such as online recorded video interviewing or artificial intelligence, and working with clients towards a unified recruitment system that supports everyone from a green crew member up through to Captains, management companies and owners.

We would be most grateful if you would fill out this very quick survey that should take you less than two minutes to complete, and help us keep our finger on the pulse of yacht recruitment. 

Please click this link to go to the survey.

We really appreciate your support!

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8 x girl power
11 Mar

8 x girl power

TUVYC has organically become a multipurpose consultancy company. We work in different business sectors from mentoring a superyacht start up Port agency in Montenegro and a recruitment consultancy in Guernsey, to helping a gaming company launch an online game, whilst sourcing luxury prizes for their winners and advising on the logistics of delivering the prizes globally.

How is all this possible from one company and one woman? Well, I am not a logistics or sourcing expert, but I have been very fortunate to be able to build teams of experts from various industries to facilitate each customers needs, and give me the confidence to take on all these different projects at the same time.

As TUVYC continues to expand I would like to introduce to you my team members from around the world.

Kristina is our newest member and she has a long and very strong background working with sourcing, from small items in China to service concepts for a big electricity company in Sweden. She has taken charge of the prize sourcing for the online gaming company.

Then we haven Merja, our logistics expert whose background and knowledge in global logistics has taken her around the world working for companies like Nokia and Kone. She will be in charge of planning and executing the global logistics needed to deliver our luxury prizes for the online game.

Then of course we have our core team who have worked together for many years, Ann and Sarrah my two trusty pillars! Ann takes care of online video interviewing in the yachting industry, manages our admin and keeps me on track. Sarrah works with me on all marketing and communication tasks for all the different projects.

Not forgetting our researcher Angela who keeps our statistical intelligence up to date and Hanne who is a great help with European logistics and event planning. Plus our adhoc consultants from the yachting industry who help us with industry specific questions.

So this is how I am able to manage so many different projects at the same time - 'girl power' X 8!!

Not forgetting little Bijou! She is my 8 weeks old puppy that keeps me busy alongside my family - husband, child and 3 other furry friends.

Thank goodness I love my hectic life !

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Happy New Year!
2 Jan

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

As I mentioned in my blog in August we have been asked to change our brand name. TUV is of course my initials but it also happens to be a registered trademark in another country, so we are treating ourselves to a rebrand and fresh new look for 2019. 

TUV-consulting is reborn as 

This isn’t a completely new beginning as we are doing great on the path we have chosen, but it gives us an opportunity to tell our clients even more clearly about the focus of our business. First and foremost TUVYC is a business consultancy company.

In 2018 we expanded our range of consultancy services to outside the yachting sector and the latest edition to our client range is an online gaming company. What an interesting life I have! I’m currently working with a group of Millennials that have been involved in gaming since they were 14 years old and now, at the grand old age of 22, they are already multi millionaires.

Back to yachting and I attended The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam last autumn for the first time. I found it fascinating how the superyacht industry includes such a wide range of experts from around the world, and one of the most interesting subjects at the forum was the new generation of Millennials. There were experts from different sectors of life talking about marketing to Millennials and trying to explain their view of life that is changing from the more traditional materialistic mentality to one that values lifestyle and experiences above all else. Fascinating!

That gave me a lot to think about – keeping the business fresh and current and what new tools to use both in the business consultancy and start up mentoring programs. I love mentoring, the clients we have on the program are just wonderful, energetic and full of new ideas - that`s what inspires me every day. We are working with companies in different stages of their development, but they all have something in common - an open mind and a genuine focus on success.

Not forgetting our Online Video Interviewing – RecRight who provide our system is doing great. They have just been integrated with the international business system SAP and Riku Malkki, CEO of RecRight explained “By integrating with SAP Success Factors Recruiting, we can offer a more streamlined user experience for recruiters, while candidates enjoy a best-of-breed experience.”

We are now widening our client base to include other sectors of business and are currently working within the education sector in UK. We are also seeking new and dynamic crew agents who will value the possibilities of Online video Interviewing. The latest edition to the TUVYC family is and they have already received great feedback from their Captains. Welcome onboard Mandy and Bradley Smook!

So for us it is a New Year with a fresh look on the outside and a fresh focus on the inside! We would love you to explore our updated website, especially the extended consultancy section and let us know what you think.


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I Love You gorgeous xxxxxxx
27 Nov

I Love You gorgeous xxxxxxx

The image above is a text message that I received from one of the superyacht industries respected business leaders after a meeting regarding a consultancy project I had been discussing with him for months. We had agreed a time schedule and the outline of the project, but after he sent this message to me and I did not react to his approach he has not made any contact with me regarding the consultancy project. Is this acceptable and professional behaviour?

Don't get me wrong, I do not feel that I have been verbally assaulted or need to share the #MeToo hashtag like so many women in yachting have experienced, but I do think the power games that started in the 1980's still exist in the male dominated yachting industry and hidden sexual harassment is out there even today.

What should I do?

Should I just leave it or go the whole hog and publish this persons name?

I do not know the answer and I feel that naming and shaming is not the way I want to approach this, but why should I have to take the submissive path and lose this consultancy project that I thought was a genuine business deal and not a power game between a woman and a man?

#MeToo has been on everybody’s lips since October 2017. Thousands of women from different industries have been affected for centuries with both public and hidden sexual harassment. Talks were recently held at Monaco Yacht Show around the #MeToo issues by Sea Changers and you may have seen this article published by Nautilus about the same subject

I agree that there is often a different kind of chemistry when you are dealing with the opposite sex, maybe more so when doing business in a very male dominant industry. I am also sure that some women use their power to manipulate the men in their life and that is how it has always been and will always be.

Of course what I have experienced is nothing as serious as what those involved in the #MeToo campaign are talking about, but to use a business environment as a way to deliver (not so) hidden messages just does not sit right according to my morals.

Join the conversation on our social media channels. We would love to hear your thoughts?

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Titta Uoti-Vaisanen Interviewed by Crew Coach
8 Nov

Titta Uoti-Vaisanen Interviewed by Crew Coach

This month I was very pleased to be selected from many entrepreneurs to be interviewed by Karine from Crew Coach! We spoke about how I started my own business within the yachting industry and what it's like behind the scenes at TUV. Crew Coach wanted to know more about how I decided on what business to start and wanted to hear my story, whilst getting tips for anyone currently in that position.

We talked about what is exciting about starting a new venture on your own after being a yacht crew-member, and what are the realities of life on land. I also spoke a little about my family life, how career and family can co-exist and how I got back into working after staying home with a baby. We then covered the different aspects of my consulting business and how important networking is when planning a new idea because you need to spread the word to quickly escalate your success. 

I hope you enjoy the video!


The Crew Coach works with individuals and teams to maximise performance and potential of all crew. They are on a mission to elevate careers through empowering crew with the skills they need to develop, lead and thrive.

Visit the Crew Coach website here.

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TUVYC Consulting in The Islander Magazine
30 Oct

TUVYC Consulting in The Islander Magazine

I was recently interviewed by The Islander Magazine for a piece called 'From Ship to Shore'. It brought back some great memories from my time working on yachts, my transition back to shore based work, and the beginning of TUV Consulting. I am so pleased with the interview and would like to share it with you all!  


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We found friendship!
18 Sep

We found friendship!

What a great result we've had spreading the word via social media about mental health issues in yachting. In my previous post I wrote about the dangers of to much screen time, and how social media can become an addiction. However life is always a balancing act and I have just experienced the positive effects of social media. When you need to get a message out to get things moving the right way, there is no better or quicker way to reach out and make friends.

I have been talking to a number of industry leaders within the superyacht sector and am very pleased that the PYA has already reacted and announced that ISWAN (International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network) is doing a survey regarding this issue in partnership with them.

I have also spoken with some insurance companies including Pantaenius who have taken this subject very seriously. They will be refining their health insurance policies and looking into offering a range of tools and information for yacht crew specifically targeting mental health issues.

Yesterday we received word that Medaire already has a product in place that could really support crew-members in need. They offer a phone helpline and face to face counselling for crew and you can find out more here:

I am overjoyed at the initial positive response to this serious issue. Lets continue to spread the discussion even further and make sure that every individual crew-member understands and has access to help if they need it.

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Be a friend
11 Sep

Be a friend

I read a very upsetting article today about a young crewmember who lost her life whilst working on board a yacht. The news was quickly shared around the global tabloids, even the Finnish ones, stating that the suspected cause of death was suicide.

Mental health issues amongst seafarers is a taboo subject and this proves we should talk more about the mental, as well as physical wellbeing of crew when working onboard.

According to figures from the UK P&I Club, published in a recent article by Nautilus International,  suicide rates among seafarers have more than tripled since 2014. In 2015, suicide was cited as the cause of death in 15.3% of identified mental health cases, having risen from 4.4.% in 2014, according to the club's internal claims system. These numbers are of course for the whole shipping industry but why would the yachting industry be any different? The fact that seafarers are three times more likely to commit suicide that land based workers is shocking and something must be done.

Whose responsibility is it to take care of the mental and physical well being of the crew? The captain, owner, management company? Personally, I think it’s everyone on board. We need to have tools to react and reach out when we see that someone is not well. I think that being young, living away from loved ones, having a hugely demanding job with long hours and sharing your accommodation with strangers is enough to tip anyone over the edge once in a while. I would like to open a discussion on how this could be resolved and would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback.

My husband Mikko joined a new vessel few weeks ago and on his new yacht smartphones are not allowed during working hours or in the crew mess. I think this is brilliant! The crews need to communicate with each other and not just stare at a screen whilst eating or having coffee. I think this might be the first step towards a healthier working environment.

The same thing has happened here in France, where we live and our daughter goes to school - smart phones, tablets and smart watches were banned in primary and secondary schools by law. This was one of the campaign promises of President Emmanuel Macron.

His reasoning was to make cyber bullying via social media more difficult and to teach children to talk to each other and communicate. Too much screen time is not good for us, we all know that already. It effects our social behavior and also our health and sleep.

I am passionate about starting a discussion around these issues. We should all acknowledge that working conditions on board a busy superyacht are extremely tough, and crew deserve to have the same rights and support networks as our onshore workmates. Lets keep this subject open, make sure crew know that they are not alone, and work towards helping them tackle these problems.


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A change will do you good…
21 Aug

A change will do you good…

I recently received an email from a large company claiming that we are using their trademarked brand and they want us to stop using TUV as a company name!

Yet TUV is me. My name. Titta Uoti-Väisänen and we have worked very hard for the last 3 years to built up our SEO and social media branding. But it now looks like we will have to change. After an initial grumble we have acknowledged change is a good thing, and by rebranding we can embrace a wider marketplace for both the online video interviewing and consultancy services we provide, and I suppose its not just about me is it!

Change is certainly in the air and is also affecting family life. My husband Mikko handed over the command of his yacht to a new Captain a few weeks ago. He starts a great new adventure soon which I’m sure will bring only positive things both to his personal and our family life.

We also just arrived home in France from our summer holiday in Finland. What a great holiday we had. I could feel that our friends and family were truly waiting for us, wanting to spend some quality time with us and that was a wonderful feeling to come back to.

Finland is always going to be our real home, nothing can change that, not even 20 years spent living away will take it away from us. I’m always impressed by how easily everything can be arranged in Finland. Like completing a passport application and having it approved, including taking a picture, and getting that delivered electronically took me less than 30 minutes. That’s what I call efficiency!

Finland works like clockwork but I do worry that we losing our identity… Let me explain - we were staying in Helsinki in a 5 star hotel in the middle of the city. I was shocked to discover that in many service situations such as front of house and reception, the service personnel did not speak any Finnish.

I challenged the management and asked why this was the case. Their answer was that they were not able to find Finnish-speaking personnel willing to work in the service sector. I think it’s shocking that we could lose our national identity and language because they can’t find Finnish young people willing to do these jobs. We have always seen the signs saying “We speak English here”, but should they now put up signs saying “WE SPEAK FINNISH HERE”?

This climate of change also makes me think about my future. Many of my friends and colleagues are now much closer to the great 5-0. This naturally means we are looking backwards and forwards and finding ourselves in a position to change.

I want to believe that the next 50 years is going to be even greater than the last. For TUV and myself the world is catching onto the advantages of using online video interviewing and the growing need for artificial intelligence in recruitment. Thankfully this gives us great leverage in future projects throughout the recruitment scene.

The growing interest in making superyacht recruitment efficient and cost effective, and the belief that it can actually be done is a game changer, and we are discussing some very interesting projects with several different yachting companies at the moment.

I am just doing the final plans for our Autumn schedules with my team and getting ready for Monaco Yacht Show 2018. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Glamour, Glamour, Glamour | Parties, F1 and Royal connections
5 Jun

Glamour, Glamour, Glamour | Parties, F1 and Royal connections

This is yachting! Social events full of glamour from Spanish yacht shows to Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, and lunch at the Anjuna beach joined by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Grand Prix 2018 winner Daniel Ricciardo.

How lucky we are to be able to see, enjoy and be part of all this. The social events started this spring with MYBA Charter Show and Palma Superyacht Show at the end of April.

TUV Consulting team with Daniel Ricciardo

Palma Superyacht Show was a great event for us this year. I was delighted to see that the show has grown and developed into to a world-class event with it's facilities extended showcasing a new bridge. Whilst there I found out that that we have a competitor in online video interviewing. Mimicry is of course, the highest form of flattery, but they are concentrating on crew and collecting a recruitment database so they have a totally different approach. This just makes me believe more strongly that we are doing the right thing and recorded online video interviewing is the next MUST for superyacht and all global recruitment.

Titta and Ann from TUV Consulting stood at the Palma Superyacht 3D sign

GDPR OMG! The new regulations will change our approach to marketing and I think from now on social media is going to play an even more important role in our strategy.

TUV-consulting has done our part, making sure we are compliant for data protection and our online video interviewing tool hosted by RecRight is the first recruitment platform to be fully GDPR compliant

MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona also brought up some great new inventions such as YOTHA Their approach to streamlining charter sales is the next generation approach. The industry needs shaking up in many different ways and the current traditional sales approach between brokers and charterers could change dramatically.

We also met some great new contacts for the consulting side of TUV, combined with the upsurge for businesses and private clients using online video interviews we are pleased to watch our efforts growing globally, and very organically at the moment.

Looking at the changing climate and new inventions in the yachting market, I also see lots of moving and shaking happening around myself. Some great friends are leaving the South of France and taking the whole family to the other side of the world. Other friends who (after a few years of traditional work) have decided to leave our safe haven on the Cotes d’Azur and open their wings to new adventures - how brave people really are! These inspirational families make me wonder if it could be my time soon to do something life changing?

Lets see - why not!


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Hill Robinson Crew endorses TUV Consulting
15 Mar

Hill Robinson Crew endorses TUV Consulting

Over the last few months we have announced that multiple large crew recruitment agencies are now using TUV Consulting’s online video interviewing system to streamline their recruitment process and make sure they shortlist the best available candidates.

During busy times it is especially important to make time to listen to clients and ask them what they think of your product or service. I recently met with Hill Robinson Crew to find out what they think of video interviewing now they have been using the system for some time.

Hill Robinson Crew logo

I spoke with Esther Delamare, Senior Crew Manager at Hill Robinson Yacht Management Consultants and she had some very nice things to say about us.

“As a Crew recruitment agency, we find it important to add value on top of the usual services and TUV Consulting has given us the opportunity to do so. The tools are very easy to use and the client and user feedback we have received is very positive.

“The team at TUV are responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. We are planning on using the system on a daily basis and believe TUV will help Hill Robinson crew achieve great results.”

It’s great to receive such positive reviews both from industry experts like Hill Robinson Crew, and the Captains and crew that have used our tool when applying for jobs.

As the season starts to rear its head, I look forward to sharing more positive stories from our clients and users and helping other recruiters, management companies, Captains and senior crew save time and find their perfect team.

Ciao for now!



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Riding the Wave!
27 Feb

Riding the Wave!

Last year was a roller coaster both in my personal and professional life. Its not easy to face life restrictions, and when things are out of your control you have to take a step back to evaluate instead of pushing harder and in reality probably making matter worse. We should all listen when the universe tells us to ease back and revaluate goals. However frustrating it can be at the time!

Titta Uoti Vaisanen enjoying a winter wonderland

Lucky for me my professional goals are coming along nicely and it is very satisfying to reap the rewards we have been trying so hard to reach.

 After two years spent educating the superyacht industry on what online video interviewing is, and the benefits it can bring to busy captains, management companies and recruitment agencies, we can proudly say that finally the message has been understood, and that our recorded and shareable online video interviews are the next essential must have in global yacht recruitment.

Our clients are now using online video interviewing in many different areas across yachting. I have been particularly impressed by some of our crew agencies combining the power of online video interviewing with the scale and reach of social media. We have been working with them to trial sharing links to open interviews on Facebook and Instagram and have received some very nice feedback so far.

Phone with facebook on it

We have also just launched the second round of our new Start Up Mentoring program for young businesses wishing to break into the superyacht community. The first Start Ups from our program have nearly completed stage one of the program and we are extremely pleased with the results.

The TUV start up program has been divided into three different stages depending on the current state of their business. The company can then grow with us and benefit from our wide range of experts who can focus on helping with different stages of their individual needs.

The beauty of a mentoring program is of course to be able to follow and support the progress of the company mentored, and give them the best advice and guidance to navigate through the shoals of industry life.

Office with sign on the wall saying Ideas start here

We have recently signed a new partnership contract with How2Yachts. This together with our existing sales force will open a new era for online video interviewing, and help to continue our expansion across the global yacht market using our simple pay as you go product.

Our mission statement is to provide a functional, easy to use and affordable online video interviewing product for everybody who is involved in recruiting within the yachting market. I am glad to say that both the online video interviewing and the consultancy business are growing and well on the way to success.

I am very grateful for the people who work alongside me. Ann Calverley, our back office assistance and my mentor in many ways, Sarrah Macey from Global Superyacht Marketing helping us to keep on the right track and giving us valuable advice and marketing support, and not forgetting my husband who is always there for me.

So 2018… We have made it!! 

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TUVYC Consulting Makes ONLINE VIDEO INTERVIEWING Easier for Yachts
6 Feb

TUVYC Consulting Makes ONLINE VIDEO INTERVIEWING Easier for Yachts

As we enter our 4th year bringing Online Video Interviewing to the yachting market, our crew agents and management company clients have been using our RecRight platform with great success, and it looks like this is going to be the next MUST have in superyacht recruitment. 

This spring TUVYC Consulting will offer the Online Video Interviewing tool directly for yacht Captains and senior crew to use. We will offer PAYGO packages directly from our page and also as a new feature we’ve made it even easier for busy yachts to use with pre-recorded video questions ready to be uploaded from our website

TUVYC Consulting is now partnering with How2Yacht who will work as a sales agent for us. Philip Oxley from How2Yachts will be spreading around the good word of Online Video Interviewing alongside our existing network of agents in Europe. Welcome to the team!

To find out more please visit, message us on social media or email

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Freedom of Choice
16 Jan

Freedom of Choice

Superyacht life took my husband to the other side of the world for Christmas, so for the first time in eight years he did not celebrate at home in the South of France with us. Instead my daughter and I had a different kind of celebration with extended family and wintery fun.

The evening before he left was of course very emotional in our house and as with all high profile yachting jobs, his phone was constantly ringing. I asked him why he wasn’t answering the phone and he looked at me and said, “I never do if I don’t know who’s calling”. This answer triggered a thought; We all want to, and these days have the option to be able to, choose the best time for us to talk on the phone, reply to a text, watch our favourite TV series……. 

25 years ago when I got my first mobile phone it was a freedom from landlines. We were able to walk and talk and be reached wherever we where. It felt like a revolution, possibly one of the biggest changes to daily life since the contraceptive pill was made freely available. Time has given us Internet access on our phones, and now people are using their mobiles as an office with the freedom to work anytime, any place, at home or on the move.

In a similar vein Online Video Interviews also gives us that freedom to choose when and where to recruit, in the office or on the go. Agencies and Captains already using the system have all mentioned they liked saving so much time, and taking back control of their recruitment process.

To explain, the candidate can use their mobile device or laptop, or tablet to record their interview answers where and when they want, and as many times as they want until they are happy. They can also upload CV’s and certificates to send to the recruiter to support their application.

The recruiter can open the recorded video interview on their mobile/laptop/tablet at their convenience and forward the best candidate videos to their clients, who can instantly watch the interview while they are sailing on the other side of the world!

Online Video Interviewing allows you to find the best pick of the bunch quickly and effectively and at your convenience. It allows you to arrange to meet only the right candidates face to face before making that final decision. 

This is FREEDOM OF CHOICE and taking back control of what can be a very long-winded recruitment process.

Although this freedom can bring some much needed magic to our working lives, we need to keep in mind that Tindering through life is not the way to go 100% of the time. We still need and should value human contact. We are all guilty of quickly sending a WhatsApp message to our friends instead of picking up the phone and talking to each other, and really hearing the nuances of each other’s voices.

We should not be afraid to meet and have a conversation, or even a confrontation.

Let that be our personal new years resolution, lets use social media and technology to free up our time and help us make better choices, without letting our iPhones and apps take over our lives completely!

Happy New Year.

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Should the superyacht industry reinvent the wheel?
13 Nov

Should the superyacht industry reinvent the wheel?

I was fortunate to be invited to a fantastic cruise ship experience last week. During the cruise I enjoyed the faultless service and friendly environment granted by the crew. It made me think about superyacht standards and the constant lack of young professional crew.

Superyacht Service

I also had time in my hands to read industry news and my eyes were drawn to an article on about a new initiative offering yachts the services of a psychologist / psychiatrist to balance tension between senior and junior crew. WTF?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against providing any team with the tools they need to work well together, but having worked on busy yachts I also know that most Captains and Chief Stews simply don't have time to teach new recruits the very basics of working in our elite industry. Having a background in professional teaching in restaurant schools, and after that, wide experience and understanding of both classroom and onboard training, I still can’t understand why we are trying to reinvent the wheel in yacht interior training?

Lulu Trask wrote an opinion piece on Superyacht News about interior training in the yachting industry and I agree with her, but I would like the industry to open their eyes a little and question whether we are going about recruiting and training new interior crew the wrong way.

The G.U.E.S.T program is equivalent to a standard restaurant school curriculum. Should we be sourcing new interior crew from the restaurant schools, and then develop an onboard apprenticeship / intern / on-the-job learning program to hone those exisiting skills and teach our industry specifics? In the same time frame we could end up with new professional crew who are even more skilled and valuable to the vessel they are on!

During an apprenticeship we could use the G.U.E.S.T trainers to evaluate candidates, share their invaluable superyacht experience, and make sure 7* industry standards are met. An added bonus with this is that the crew would have recognised training for their professional life after yachting, and busy senior crew would have the reassurance that new crew already have the basic skills needed to work onboard.

What do we need to be able to do this? We need to look outside the box and make yachting sexy and desirable long term for Millennials (born 1980-2000).

attracting millennials to superyachting

We need to catch their attention? We need to be able to communicate with millennials using a platform they are comfortable with. 88% use social media daily, and most don’t know that the superyacht industry even exists.

We need to look at how our industry is branded and introduce our culture through the most popular and versatile channel of video

We need to create hype for the industry as a front-runner in tech and innovation. We need to be visible on social media globally. This should be the target for all our many yachting associations, media groups and ambassadors!

I look forward to seeing who will take the first step forward, and applaud the person or group who takes that giant leap outside the box!

look outside the box

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We are recruiting our children
16 Oct

We are recruiting our children

One of the many pleasures of attending Monaco Yacht Show is getting time to socialise with lots of our clients. Our discussions this year involved how to engage new, good, well motivated crew. This made me think about ‘Millennials’ – those born between 1980 and 2000 – and how they will make up 50 % of the global workforce by 2020.

Often described as the ‘me-me-me, gimme now generation’, they live in a symbiosis with their phones and social media accounts, and all businesses need to consider this new generation that will soon become the majority. A word of warning however, don’t judge our future workforce on this alone. We also need to consider another side of the Millenial ethos.

According to Business Insider, 90 % of Millennials’ purchasing decisions are influenced by a company's social and ethical commitment, while 63 % say that they expect their employers to contribute to a social cause.

Millennials are, in short, a socially aware generation which expects companies to treat their employees, customers and the global environment fairly and ethically. This is the generation of green power, environmental issues, equality, human rights and they operate with a huge need to change the world.

These values will increase the necessity that companies give a good impression of themselves, pointing out their social responsibility and values through branding. This is one of the things our Online video interviewing service will help you to do.

While advertising your job opportunities on social media you can use our RecRight system to set up a branding video of your company, and sell your ideas and values to the candidates you are interested in, thus engaging only the best candidates to your company.

Online video interviewing tackles green values because it reduces the unnecessary travel to screening stage interviews. It also displays ‘front runner attitude’ using new technology and cutting edge data processing with artificial intelligence.

AI will raise your company status over the others. This has been on my mind for a while, figuring out how Millenials will be attracted to joining the workforce; but then of course comes the next stage of how to keep them motivated…

Looking at the MYS 2017 and attending some beautiful events, I could feel a change of attitude towards our environment. Of course our purpose for attending MYS was to do business and engage with our clients but also the discussions were, more than ever before, around world situation, climate change and environmental issues.

Maybe in the future we will finally see that yachting is going to get greener and take more social responsibility - who knows?

See you next at the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam in November!


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Here we go again…The journey to Monaco Madness
21 Sep

Here we go again…The journey to Monaco Madness

TUV has had a great month signing up two major crew agencies and two more doing a three month trial. Although the Med season is starting to slow down, recruitment is not, that’s for sure!

It can’t all be sunshine and smiles though. Hurricane Irma brought devastation to places we used to call home and dear friends have lost their houses and boats. It has been inspiring to see companies like our client Edmiston getting involved and helping how ever they can.

Another friend has to leave France in a hurry to be able to save herself and her child so there have been some very difficult times around me. It turns out that life continues even during adversity, school holidays are finally over and my husband has just started 9 week vacation. All this with me in the middle trying to push forward and get ready for MYS 2017!

Monaco Yacht Show will be bigger and more beautiful than ever before and TUV Consulting will be offering our clients and potential clients an invitation to an exclusive event on the first day of the show (27th September), but more about that to follow….

At this years show we will be offering our clients more information about Artificial Intelligence working with Online Video Interviewing and how we know that it is going to change the recruitment of tomorrow.

Ciao for now and see you in Monaco

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The heat is on……..
22 Aug

The heat is on……..

 In the last few weeks we’ve experienced extreme heat here in the South of France. I say, let it shine, this is what the summer should all be about!

While I have been enjoying family and friends, I have of course been informed by FB that most of my clients are on holiday, so I can continue to take a back seat for few more weeks.

However, I had a great surprise yesterday from a crew agency, who after two years of discussion, is finally convinced that online video interviewing will become the standard in future recruitment, and they will be implementing our system to merge with their registration and interviewing process.

I have also read from multiple sources that the actions taken by the French government which effect the yachting industry in terms of taxation and newly introduced social security laws, has had a disturbing effect. Empty harbours and many French crew being dismissed, just to mention a few. This is not great news for fantastic new projects like Port Vauban in Antibes.

Talking of Port Vauban, I recently visited the marina to attend their Captains get-together, which now happens each Thursday afternoon. I met some great people and wow, what a place!! From the top of the Capitanerie on the IYCA we enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the whole bay. I think it could be a great destination for future marketing events for my Captain clients who use the PAYGO online video interview package.

With all of this late summer sunshine it is hard to think that autumn is just around the corner, but the MYS is just weeks away and I have of course been thinking about that. I am planning to do something very exclusive for my hand picked clients at #MYS2017! I will keep you informed so watch this space, and I will send the invitations in good time.

Ciao for now!

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Hiring the selfie generation
1 Aug

Hiring the selfie generation

Founder of TUV Consulting Titta Uoti-Väisänen was recently interviewed by The Crew Report. Here is a copy of the article she was featured in.

Video interviews are perfect for superyacht crew recruitment, so why has the take-up been so slow?

Crew are the nuts and bolts of the superyachting operation, and thus, recruitment is an integral procedure to ameliorate. So, why has the take-up of technology that can add value, streamline this operation and reduce costs, for both recruiters and crew applicants, been so slow?

For three years now, TUV Consulting, which offers crew recruitment consultancy, has been developing a video interviewing platform. The programme allows recruiters to gauge whether candidates have the right personality and experience to join a crew.

“We originally developed the software more for land-based companies because the original bandwidth required to stream the videos was very high,” says Titta Uoti-Väisänen, owner of TUV Consulting.

“We needed to find another solution for yachting,” she continues. “The system we use now only requires a 0.3-megabyte upload speed – normal speed on land is around 0.5 to 0.7-megabytes – and for those based on yachts, the system is cloud-based, so a captain will only need access to the cloud to see videos.”

What the company is offering, essentially, is a tool to simplify the recruitment process for recruitment agencies and management companies. “I’m not trying to steal business, or create a crew database, or anything like that,” she adds.

With the video interviews being recorded, a big perk of the procedure is the opportunity for additional reviews of the applicants. As Uoti-Väisänen says, “the final verdict is not simply based on the captain’s word.

“Another major benefit we see is catering for time differences. You don’t have to set aside time for a conference call, which benefits the candidate and the captain, who will have a very busy schedule.”

This is not mind-blowing technology, and it needn’t be if it can add value and is practical. Dock walking remains one of the most fruitful job application processes, but it’s old-fashioned. And it's an unprofessional approach to recruitment for an industry trying to professionalise. 

There are many strong candidates who can’t afford to go dock walking in Antibes or Palma for weeks, so this also helps the candidates, and ultimately, the yachts. 

By Felix Sowerbutts

To view the original article please visit: 

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TUVYC Road Trip
11 Jul

TUVYC Road Trip

On the road...

For me, with a busy family and business life, June is a month to get everything ready for the summer. It normally means packing up the house and moving over to the summer house, but not this year, we are staying put and I am relieved! There are many moving challenges in my life at the moment, with both work and family. My husband has just started a new exciting era in his working life and at the same time my own work looks to be expanding in many directions.

I have been on the road for most of the month of June, starting with a wonderful trip to Dover to meet Viking recruitment I spoke to them about how online video interviewing could help their clients to make the right recruitment decisions. Thank you to Dieter Jaenicke and his team who took us to see the interesting sights of Dover.

My next trip was to Italy and was very successful. In Imperia I spoke to the very handsome captain of MY Symphony ;) and visited a few other superyachts in the marina. I'm always happy to meet captains and spread the word of Online Video Interviewing!

Felix Sowerbutts from Superyacht News interviewed me about TUV-consulting consultancy work, and of course about Online Video Interviewing. It’s great to have support from the media about such an important development in the yachting industry, read the article here -

The consulting side of my business is fast expanding and I am just finalising two exciting consulting deals before the summer holidays take over.

Not bad for one month, what do you think?

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TUVYC Consulting takes a trip to the midnight sun.
14 Jun

TUVYC Consulting takes a trip to the midnight sun.

At the beginning of June I travelled to Finland, my home country. I used the opportunity to meet with Recright - the suppliers of our online video interviewing tool. My consultancy has been working with online video interviewing since 2014, and I think I can safely say I have an excellent working knowledge and understanding of the different platforms available on the market at the moment.

I have chosen Recright as the most suitable platform for the yachting industry because of its winning performance in low bandwidth, customer service and reliability as a service provider.

Here are some interesting statistics that I took from our meeting:
There have been over 250,000 completed online video interviews
Results from a 40,000 candidate survey taken in June 2017 indicate

86% (35,325 candidates) are somewhat or very satisfied with video interviewing as a method.

71% of the candidates took less than one hour to video interview.

77% of the candidates record less than five takes per video question to be happy with the result.

Finland is one of the leading countries for research and development in artificial intelligence and its application for different sectors. During my visit I also had the opportunity to look into the exciting tools being developed using artificial intelligence, and Recright explained how it will be used for recruitment. This article gives you some great information on it.

This trip was a wonderful opportunity to touch base with my family and old friends, and even have a school reunion after 30 years. What a great event and a chance to renew old friendships.

I also had a bit of a quiet time to review my past and plan for the future. This gave me time to think about our 'start up mentoring program' and the large business development consultancy work that I finalised with my team in late spring. It now feels like a great place to be in life, being able to finish a project properly before immersing myself in the next one.

That’s how I really like to work, but most of the time its not possible of course. I think it is our Finnish mind set to keep on top of things and deliver on time…

Finally, the Finnish midnight sun, oh dear! You kept me awake and after 20 years of living abroad the body and mind cannot handle the white nights any more. Until the next time!

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New online video interviewing tool, New Year, New You
9 Jan

New online video interviewing tool, New Year, New You

TUV Consulting are proud to announce that online video interviewing for the superyacht industry has just had an upgrade. Following feedback from Captains, management companies and crew agents, a host of new features will be rolled out this week.

New features include:

  • Uploading pre-recorded videos as online video interview questions. One of the biggest requests of 2016, this allows companies to have professional videos made and added to the system.
  • Invitation emails sent from within the platform can now have a personalised signature that can replicate company branding.
  • Ability to attach résumés or other documents to the online video interview.
  • Easily marking a candidates status throughout the recruitment process.
  • A built-in e-mail feature so you can send a direct messages to your candidates.
  • Sharing your career page, single job advert, apply link or open video interviews on social media channels straight from the tool.

The final major change is a shift from a one-page interface to a comprehensive recruitment dashboard where you can easily manage your job ads, video interviews and invites. In the candidate list you will be able to see every candidate who has applied for each job, and there’ll be a page for each candidate where all materials and communication is stored: video answers, comments and classifications from your colleagues, CV’s and other attachments you have requested from the candidate.

Founder of TUV Consulting Titta Uoti-Vaisanen commented, “I am very excited for this upgrade to launch. We listened to all our recruiters and candidates over the last twelve months and the new system has improved every aspect of this unique recruitment tool. I believe we have managed to build in solutions that make video interviewing even easier to manage now. The dashboard especially makes it so easy for busy Captains and industry professionals to delegate most of the recruitment admin, whilst still keeping a firm hold on the process and having the ability to choose the final candidate.”

The new upgrade will be rolled out this week so please contact the team to get a demo, either online or in person. Email for more details.

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Video interviews will save you time so you can knock off work early!
8 Dec

Video interviews will save you time so you can knock off work early!

Change can be a scary thing. We all have our own way of doing things and changing the way we do things in our workplace can be a terrifying prospect, especially when we are all so time poor.

TUV would like to make the next improvement you make to your recruitment process, as pain free as possible.

We are so confident that our online video interviewing tool will save you heaps of time and help you make better recruitment choices, that we let everyone try it first with no commitments what so ever.

Then, once you decided you couldn’t live without this handy piece of tech genius, we continue to offer a pay as you go, no commitment package, alongside monthly subscriptions for our larger clients.

So go on, don’t be scared of trying something new. Our online video interviewing tool allows you set your questions, and receive recorded video interviews from each of your potential candidate answering your specific questions.

You can share the video interviews with other decision makers in the recruitment chain, even delegate the whole process and just wait for the interviews to roll onto your computer screen. Great for those of you that can’t give up entire days sitting down to do first round interviews.

We are the only superyacht specific provider of video interviews and our system is highly secure, yet uses minimal bandwidth.

Crew can record their interviews on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop anywhere in the world using a 3G signal or local WiFi, and don’t need to worry about poor signal strength effecting the interview. Plus because the interviews are pre-recorded, time zone challenges are also a thing of the past. You can set the questions when it is convenient, and the crew can record their interview in their own time.

We’ve had overwhelming feedback from the Captains, senior crew, management companies and crew agents that now use TUV. So go on, try it out, save loads of time and knock off work early for once!

For more information email

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Superyacht recruitment using future proof technology
16 Nov

Superyacht recruitment using future proof technology

TUV Consulting offers a practical solution to any superyacht recruitment challenges with their recorded, secure video-interviewing tool. They offer a reliable way for management companies, crew agents and Captains to reduce recruitment administration, position themselves above the masses, and find the best possible crew wherever they are in the world.

TUV’s online interviewing tool allows you or your team to set interview questions and receive recorded and shareable videos from potential crew answering your specific questions. This allows you to assess each person’s skills, presentation and personality before selecting whom to meet in person.

Videos can be shared with anyone you give permission to, so if you are a yacht management company you can share the videos quickly to make effective team decisions. If you are a superyacht crew agent you can use the video-interviewing tool to select several candidates for a recruiting Captain, and then send them a professional, high quality, recorded interview of the candidates answering his or her questions. This positions you above many other crew agents and provides the optimum service for your Captains.

TUV provides a quick and easy tool to make sure people get the team member they need, from a selection of crew from all over the world. Not just the ones on your doorstep, or dock!

Asking for a video interview from potential candidates also positions you above your competitors. Candidates will trust that you are professional and forward thinking and this generates respect, loyalty and enthusiasm from the start.

Now for the technical bit… The network is highly secure and you can record videos from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You only need 0.3mb of upload speed to create a video, so there are no excuses for not being able to produce a high definition video response.

Prices start from as little as €7.50 per candidate and your account can be activated within minutes.

TUV are the only superyacht specific provider of video interviewing. The team have a strong background on board and understand the nuances of yachtlife.

Without name dropping, leading global crew agents, management companies and large superyacht businesses are already using TUV’s video interviewing tool and predict that this service will become a recruitment standard in the not to distance future.

Hopefully this has titillated your taste buds for an easy way to take the pain out of superyacht recruitment and take advantage of the latest technology available. Call or email TUV today and they can give you a full online demonstration.

+33 (0) 621 165 993 | +44 (0) 7789 778 405

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TUVYC Consulting helps superyacht crew to boss video interviewing
7 Jul

TUVYC Consulting helps superyacht crew to boss video interviewing

Video interviewing has changed the dynamic of global superyacht recruitment in 2016. Crew are now expected to submit a recorded video pre- interview on many occasions when they apply for superyacht jobs, and it’s amazing how badly this can go.

Captains and crew recruitment agents use secure systems such as those provided by TUV Consulting to view short, recorded videos from potential new crew members to decide whom they should meet face to face.

This means crew now have to up their game and be able to present themselves successfully on screen to secure their next superyacht job. Personal presentation, confidence, personality and body language can be viewed in advance via video interviewing and currently many fantastic crew just are not making the mark.

In a world filled with selfies and iPhone video clips on social media, it shouldn’t be too much of a leap to convert those skills to recording a 2 minute video interview, but it is surprising how wrong some people get it.

This summer TUV Consulting will be sharing tips on how to make sure your video interview is well received, and stands out from the crowd. The following two videos from experienced chefs show the good, the bad and the terrible.

This first chef suffers from a common complex. He thinks he has seen it all and done it all. Whatever fantastic experience you have, never presume you are the best. Give real life examples that showcase your skills. And definitely stay humble…

On the opposite end of the scale this next chef has bossed his video. He has clearly thought about the message he wants to get across, and wouldn’t want to employ a rapping chef!

Now that the Med season is underway, keep an eye on the TUV Consulting Facebook page and website this summer for more tips on how to make sure you make the cut for your next superyacht job.

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Video interviewing saves superyacht captains hours of time
24 May

Video interviewing saves superyacht captains hours of time

Multiple superyacht captains, crew agencies and management are now using video interviewing to find the most suitable crew quickly and easily, irrelevant of where in the world they are.

As the only superyacht specific supplier of video interviewing, TUV Consulting are uniquely placed to advise and provide captains, crew agents and management companies with low cost, low bandwidth solutions to make recruiting new crew hassle free.

The reason TUV Consulting works for the superyacht industry is:

There are no monthly subscriptions – Just pay as you go
No admin – They can set everything up for you remotely
No time limits – If you don’t use all your videos, you can save them for later

Prices are very reasonable with 15 videos costing just €150. Plus the sharable, recorded interviews mean that team decisions can be made quickly by sharing candidate videos with senior crew, management companies and any other decision makers.

Any new technology can be a little scary at first, and finding the time in a busy schedule to learn how to use it can be almost impossible. TUV Consulting have first hand experience working on board numerous superyachts and understand just how busy life at sea can be, so they provide full support for their customers. They can visit your yacht or office in person and set everything up for you in a matter of minutes, or are just as happy to set everything up remotely.

You can choose the interview questions or they will pick three for you and then before you know it, you will receive videos of candidates answering your specific questions.

It’s a fact that most of us decide if we like someone or not within two minutes of meeting them. Imagine being able to make that decision by watching a quick video and saving yourself the time it usually takes to sit through a face to face interview with someone who is just not suitable for the job!

Isn’t technology amazing!

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Champagne helps superyachts brave video interviewing
17 May

Champagne helps superyachts brave video interviewing

Sometimes all you need is champagne and a little faith. The video interviewing system provided by TUV Consulting literally revolutionises the way captains and crew agents recruit new crew each season.

The secure, pre-recorded videos can be played back at any time, shared with senior crew and management companies for quick group decisions and by watching short videos from candidates you can quickly tell who is potentially suitable for your yacht and worth a face to face interview, and who you can decline straight away.

A no brainer then you might think. Surely most captains and crew agents would jump at the chance of saving hours of recruitment admin time and the expenses of losing a day to interviewing face to face. Let alone overcoming time zones challenges with potential crew placed all over the world. But like many things new to us, it can be a little scary.

Luckily the team at TUV know what they are doing and champagne has saved the day. Offering a complimentary bottle in exchange for taking a free trial of the system during Palma Yacht Show and Genoa Charter Show was met with bubbling enthusiasm.

Of the eight superyachts that took advantage of the offer and successfully completed the trial, six are now using TUV for all future recruitment and several crew agents have also signed up. Luckily TUV offer a pay as you go service so captains can access the system whenever they have a position to fill without incurring any monthly charges.

In an increasingly digital world, video interviewing is taking over traditional methods and it looks like the superyacht industry is keeping up.

One captain of a 35m motor yacht commented, “Initially I didn’t think I had time to learn a new system and keep up with the amount of positions I needed to fill before the start of the Med season. TUV helped me though the set up during the show, which was actually very easy, and I filled two vacancies almost immediately. Anything video related is a little daunting, but then I suppose the champagne would give me the Dutch courage I needed!”

For a free trial contact TUV consulting via or by calling +33 (0) 621 165 993.

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TV casting & recruiting superyacht crew
5 May

TV casting & recruiting superyacht crew

Who would have thought movie and TV casting would follow the same principals as recruiting great superyacht crew.

TUV Consulting have now added a new sector to their portfolio after being headhunted by a leading TV casting agency.

Is this your moment?

Is this your moment?

Reality TV series are a daily phenomenon and getting your 15 minutes of fame has been trending in recent years. Even the superyacht industry has its own version with the controversial ‘Below Deck’.

To be able to select the right person from thousands of candidates is exactly what online interviewing was made for. Production companies save hundreds of man-hours by using video interviewing to pre-select contestants. Just like the superyacht industry, personality and personal presentation are really important factors for this sector and a printed CV just doesn’t let you know who the person really is.

A leading casting agency recently approached TUV Consulting to discuss upgrading their process for finding the next big star. They are now using this service for the next reality TV series under production and couldn’t be happier with the service.

Following this success TUV now offer all their video pre-screening services to the TV and movie casting industries and continue to expand their portfolio.

For more information  call on the number below or email

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Video interviewing demo
14 Apr

Video interviewing demo

Here at TUV Consulting we have put together a video interviewing demo to help explain how quick and easy our tool is to use.

Have you been wondering how all this video interviewing technology works?

Perhaps you don’t think you have time to set it all up and are still wading through a huge pile of CV’s trying to work out who the good candidates are!

Please take a minute to watch this demo video and we promise all will be explained.

For more information give us a call on the number below or email


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TUVYC Consulting expands to cover the French Riviera, Palma and Barcelona
7 Apr

TUVYC Consulting expands to cover the French Riviera, Palma and Barcelona

After a successful pre-season launch in France that saw numerous captains and crew agencies use the video pre-screening solutions provided by TUV Consulting, the company has now expanded. New branches have opened up in Palma, Mallorca and Barcelona, Spain to assist the head quarters based near Antibes, France.

Joining TUV Consulting is Luana who will work out of the French office. Luana has worked within the superyacht sector since 2012 attending Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows to represent several prestigious brands. A lady with many talents, she also owns a restaurant and manages luxury property in the French Riviera, Milan and Brazil.

Luana talking with crew in Cannes

Luana talking with crew in Cannes

Melanie has opened the Palma Branch and comes from the luxury automotive industry where she worked with Mercedes-Benz and Porsche for over 10 years. She moved to start my new life in Mallorca in 2006 and started to work with various yacht supply companies including: Deckers Uniforms, Yacht Help Group, Palma Refit, Dovaston Crew and IYR Yacht/Management Agency. With a wealth of exclusive marketing experience Melanie will cover Mallorca and the Balearics for TUV.

Melanie representing TUV Consulting in Palma de Mallorca

Melanie representing TUV Consulting in Palma de Mallorca

Last but by no means least Mikaela has just joined the team to represent TUV Consulting in Barcelona. 1st mate on sailing yacht Gypsy Moth, Michaela joined the crew as they started their 2nd world circumnavigation.  She continued her sea faring days working with large race sailing yachts in build and on the water. Next she joined the motor yacht world as a chief stew on 55 -110m yachts cruising the world. Since coming ashore Michaela has been working in yacht management and helped to set up a yacht training company in Barcelona.

Mikaela is representing TUV Consulting in Barcelona Spain

Mikaela is representing TUV Consulting in Barcelona Spain

Please join us in welcoming the new team members and celebrating a successful start to the 2016 Med season.

To contact the team email or call +33 (0)621 165 993.

Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date on what the team are up to.

Written by Sarrah Macey

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Shipping industry embraces TUV consulting recruitment pre-screening service
14 Mar

Shipping industry embraces TUV consulting recruitment pre-screening service

Not just for superyachts… TUV Consultancy now offers its pre-recorded interview screening services to the wider shipping community.

Most cruise ships have over 1000 staff working on board at any time. Anyone who has worked long term in the shipping industry, be that on board a superyacht, a cargo vessel or cruise ship, will know that close living quarters, tough shifts and being part of a 24 service to the customers can be tough. Having a good team, who work well together, and play well together is really important in this kind of environment. Just one ‘rotten egg’ can affect everyone, including the customers!

The wider maritime industry needs an effective global recruitment process. Finding those 1000 cruise ship team members, who have all manner of skill sets, is a recruitment challenge and a half. Finding a team of people who can work in close confinement to each other, who often need to have several languages under their belt to accommodate customer requirements, is a logistical nightmare.

This is where TUV consultancy comes in. Starting in the superyacht sector, but now available to all shipping industries, their video interview screening service has been welcomed with open arms by professional seafarers.

Currently the 450,000+ officers serving on international trading vessels are usually recruited from North America, Europe and the Far East. Overcoming time zone challenges between these three areas can be difficult.

TUV Consultancy is already receiving praise for their easy to use software and the fact that candidates can pre-record their short video responses with as little as 0.3mb upload speed.

Potential employers can then watch the videos at a time convenient to them, and also assess candidate’s body language, personality and presentation skills. None of which is possible with a printed CV or telephone interview.

Set to revolutionise the way recruitment is conducted, contact TUV Consulting today on and check out our Facebook page.

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Crew Recruitment for Superyacht Captains
16 Feb

Crew Recruitment for Superyacht Captains

Consider this: you’re a superyacht captain and you have an urgent need to fill a position. You’re currently busy running a charter in the Caribbean and you need someone to fill the position as soon as possible knowing you want the ‘best fit’ for your team. You need to follow a fair crew recruitment process but within the shortest amount of time possible. And your candidates are more than likely spread across the globe – after all, that’s the nature of the industry. Sound familiar?

In this situation you’ve got not only the logistical challenges of physically being in different parts of the world but you need to communicate across time zones. While Skype calls can be successful, you still need to agree a mutually convenient time to speak and there is a real risk of connections dropping out. And let’s face it, flying crew half away around the world for an interview is not only a timely pursuit but also an incredibly expensive one with flights often costing around €1000.

So imagine if you could receive pre-recorded interview videos from candidates that you could watch when it suits you? Think of it as video pre-screening that still gives you the opportunity to find your perfect crew-member yet works without you needing to be awake at the same time let alone in the same location.

This is where TUV-Consulting comes in to offer a practical solution to your global crew recruitment challenges. You still determine the questions to be asked of candidates and, via the service that TUV-Consulting provides, you then receive short interview videos from potential candidates so you can assess their skills and personality.

You will have secure access to a platform where you can video record or write your own interview questions and present your superyacht to make the position inviting for top crew. Via a link in an email, candidates can watch your video questions before recording their response.

Proven to be 10 times faster than traditional interviewing, online video screening enables you to pre-screen applicants for their vacancies in a way that saves both time and money. Even better is that the process works effortlessly across time zones and, for interviewers and interviewees alike, only a 0.3mb upload speed is required, meaning everyone can record a response, even on a mobile phone or tablet with only 3G signal.

Do you have questions? We would love to answer them and, if you have a spare few minutes, show you exactly how it works.

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Three, two, one … action!
2 Jul

Three, two, one … action!

Founder of TUV Consulting Titta Uoti-Väisänen was interviewed by The Crew Report. Here is a copy of the article they wrote regarding online video interviewing.

The world of video is playing an increasingly important role when it comes to recruitment – and in no industry would it seem more applicable than the superyacht industry, where candidates will be applying from all over the world, to a job on a yacht that is travelling all over the world. We look the role of video recruitment in the superyacht crew industry.

“The yachts are video interviewing more and more, because you’re going to be living with someone months on end and you need to get more than what would from a telephone call. It’s got a great place in this industry,” Liam Dobbin, managing director of wilsonhalligan Large Yacht Recruitment tells The Crew Report.

The face-to-face feeling is invaluable in the interview process. With the capabilities of the internet – even on board yachts where, although with slower speeds, still exist – there really is no excuse to hire someone nowadays without having a face-to-face chat.

But what about video CVs? According to Dobbin, paper CVs are becoming what he calls “carbon copies”. “If you have the same people going to the same training college, they all come out with the same CVs, just different names on them,” he explains.

Titta Uoti-Vaisanen has set up Monjin Yachting, a platform for video CVs and interviews, and tells The Crew Report, “We believe that video CVs are part of the future.” According to Uoti-Vaisanen, research undertaken at Monjin Yachting has revealed that the video CV allows you to discard 20 per cent of candidates applying.

But do file sizes of video CVs cause problems? For Dobbin the answer is simple: yes. “One of the problems we’ve found with sending videos CVs is the file transfers. Some of the yachts’ email systems can only take a 10mb or 20mb file,” he explains. “We then needed to try and find a cloud system or drop box, and then it becomes quite a large infrastructure; rather than me interviewing somebody, sending the CV and getting them to have a Skype call with the employer.”

“One of the problems we’ve found with sending videos CVs is the file transfers. Some of the yachts’ email systems can only take a 10mb or 20mb file."

- Liam Dobbin, managing director, wilsonhalligan Large Yacht Recruitment

Uoti-Vaisanen believes video interviews work well for junior and senior positions, due to the saving of expenses for the client. “Our research has shown that we can save up to 70 per cent of time and a considerable amount of cost for our clients when recruiting, dispensing with travel expenses and so on.”

Dobbin, however, believes junior positions should take up the majority of video interviews and for those higher up the ladder, there really is only one option. “When it comes to the more senior positions, yachts expect people to fly down to them, or the yachts will fly the candidates out. We have two clients who don’t reply on anything but face-to-face interviews,” Dobbin reveals. “One of the captains will travel round, and if somebody’s on rotation they will fly them out to the yard. They would rather spend the money on a flight than get the wrong crewmember, which to us is completely common sense. Nothing can replace face to face. But video and Skype calling is a close second.”

By Lulu Trask

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