TUVYC has organically become a multipurpose consultancy company. We work in different business sectors from mentoring a superyacht start up Port agency in Montenegro and a recruitment consultancy in Guernsey, to helping a gaming company launch an online game, whilst sourcing luxury prizes for their winners and advising on the logistics of delivering the prizes globally.

How is all this possible from one company and one woman? Well, I am not a logistics or sourcing expert, but I have been very fortunate to be able to build teams of experts from various industries to facilitate each customers needs, and give me the confidence to take on all these different projects at the same time.

As TUVYC continues to expand I would like to introduce to you my team members from around the world.

Kristina is our newest member and she has a long and very strong background working with sourcing, from small items in China to service concepts for a big electricity company in Sweden. She has taken charge of the prize sourcing for the online gaming company.

Then we haven Merja, our logistics expert whose background and knowledge in global logistics has taken her around the world working for companies like Nokia and Kone. She will be in charge of planning and executing the global logistics needed to deliver our luxury prizes for the online game.

Then of course we have our core team who have worked together for many years, Ann and Sarrah my two trusty pillars! Ann takes care of online video interviewing in the yachting industry, manages our admin and keeps me on track. Sarrah works with me on all marketing and communication tasks for all the different projects.

Not forgetting our researcher Angela who keeps our statistical intelligence up to date and Hanne who is a great help with European logistics and event planning. Plus our adhoc consultants from the yachting industry who help us with industry specific questions.

So this is how I am able to manage so many different projects at the same time - 'girl power' X 8!!

Not forgetting little Bijou! She is my 8 weeks old puppy that keeps me busy alongside my family - husband, child and 3 other furry friends.

Thank goodness I love my hectic life !