I recently received an email from a large company claiming that we are using their trademarked brand and they want us to stop using TUV as a company name!

Yet TUV is me. My name. Titta Uoti-Väisänen and we have worked very hard for the last 3 years to built up our SEO and social media branding. But it now looks like we will have to change. After an initial grumble we have acknowledged change is a good thing, and by rebranding we can embrace a wider marketplace for both the online video interviewing and consultancy services we provide, and I suppose its not just about me is it!

Change is certainly in the air and is also affecting family life. My husband Mikko handed over the command of his yacht to a new Captain a few weeks ago. He starts a great new adventure soon which I’m sure will bring only positive things both to his personal and our family life.

We also just arrived home in France from our summer holiday in Finland. What a great holiday we had. I could feel that our friends and family were truly waiting for us, wanting to spend some quality time with us and that was a wonderful feeling to come back to.

Finland is always going to be our real home, nothing can change that, not even 20 years spent living away will take it away from us. I’m always impressed by how easily everything can be arranged in Finland. Like completing a passport application and having it approved, including taking a picture, and getting that delivered electronically took me less than 30 minutes. That’s what I call efficiency!

Finland works like clockwork but I do worry that we losing our identity… Let me explain - we were staying in Helsinki in a 5 star hotel in the middle of the city. I was shocked to discover that in many service situations such as front of house and reception, the service personnel did not speak any Finnish.

I challenged the management and asked why this was the case. Their answer was that they were not able to find Finnish-speaking personnel willing to work in the service sector. I think it’s shocking that we could lose our national identity and language because they can’t find Finnish young people willing to do these jobs. We have always seen the signs saying “We speak English here”, but should they now put up signs saying “WE SPEAK FINNISH HERE”?

This climate of change also makes me think about my future. Many of my friends and colleagues are now much closer to the great 5-0. This naturally means we are looking backwards and forwards and finding ourselves in a position to change.

I want to believe that the next 50 years is going to be even greater than the last. For TUV and myself the world is catching onto the advantages of using online video interviewing and the growing need for artificial intelligence in recruitment. Thankfully this gives us great leverage in future projects throughout the recruitment scene.

The growing interest in making superyacht recruitment efficient and cost effective, and the belief that it can actually be done is a game changer, and we are discussing some very interesting projects with several different yachting companies at the moment.

I am just doing the final plans for our Autumn schedules with my team and getting ready for Monaco Yacht Show 2018. Look forward to seeing you there!