For TUVYC attending business forums are an essential way to collect and check some of the knowledge we need to be able to offer our clients the relevant and useful business consultancy service that is our core business nowadays.

For the second year running I recently attended the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam that is held during the METS Trade Show. This year I participated in the first two days billed as the ‘Business Day” and the “ Owner Day”.

Last year I was thrilled with the content shared during keynotes and breakout sessions and learned about the different ways that millennials think and consume, and how we need to prepare our companies and ourselves for the new generation. That inspired me greatly. The forum had great substance, full of new ideas and interesting insight from a range of lecturers brought in from outside the superyacht industry.

Sadly this year was a disappointment in comparison. I felt that the forum flew the flag of the sponsors, basing many of the seminars around selling their products or services, and the real educational and inspirational substance was missing.

During the networking sessions I spoke to quite a few industry icons who told me that they do not participate in any of the keynotes or workshops any more, but use the forum as a valuable networking experience where they meet other key decision makers in a private and intimate setting.

My question is, do we need another event in the superyacht industry? Monaco Yacht Show was just a few weeks ago, followed by Pinmar Golf and then FLIBS just two weeks before GSF.

Am I missing a point?

If I compare the Global Superyacht Forum to the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki a month ago that had speakers like Steve Wozniak, Sara Blakely, Carla Harris, Randi Zuckerberg and Brené Brown just to mention few, we are not playing in the same league. And I’ll add that the price tag is just the same for both events...

I think future GSF's need to bring more external content in the form of other industry leaders and lecturers. It would be great to listen to someone from an inspiring luxury hospitality brand or some tech talent who have created a product that revolutionises another sector. I want to have my eyes opened to mind blowing developments, and be able to translate that to help improve the yachting industry.

Thank you for asking, TUVYC is doing great. We have some new interesting projects coming up that I will tell you about later on, and of course ongoing consultancy projects in the yachting industry.

After a few quiet months our online video interviewing platform RecRight has been integrated into the leading awarding organisation software system solution in the UK, Creatio. This has been a great long term project for us and we are looking forward to the additional global exposure we get from this collaboration.

Ciao for now!