Consider this: you’re a superyacht captain and you have an urgent need to fill a position. You’re currently busy running a charter in the Caribbean and you need someone to fill the position as soon as possible knowing you want the ‘best fit’ for your team. You need to follow a fair crew recruitment process but within the shortest amount of time possible. And your candidates are more than likely spread across the globe – after all, that’s the nature of the industry. Sound familiar?

In this situation you’ve got not only the logistical challenges of physically being in different parts of the world but you need to communicate across time zones. While Skype calls can be successful, you still need to agree a mutually convenient time to speak and there is a real risk of connections dropping out. And let’s face it, flying crew half away around the world for an interview is not only a timely pursuit but also an incredibly expensive one with flights often costing around €1000.

So imagine if you could receive pre-recorded interview videos from candidates that you could watch when it suits you? Think of it as video pre-screening that still gives you the opportunity to find your perfect crew-member yet works without you needing to be awake at the same time let alone in the same location.

This is where TUV-Consulting comes in to offer a practical solution to your global crew recruitment challenges. You still determine the questions to be asked of candidates and, via the service that TUV-Consulting provides, you then receive short interview videos from potential candidates so you can assess their skills and personality.

You will have secure access to a platform where you can video record or write your own interview questions and present your superyacht to make the position inviting for top crew. Via a link in an email, candidates can watch your video questions before recording their response.

Proven to be 10 times faster than traditional interviewing, online video screening enables you to pre-screen applicants for their vacancies in a way that saves both time and money. Even better is that the process works effortlessly across time zones and, for interviewers and interviewees alike, only a 0.3mb upload speed is required, meaning everyone can record a response, even on a mobile phone or tablet with only 3G signal.

Do you have questions? We would love to answer them and, if you have a spare few minutes, show you exactly how it works.