Superyacht life took my husband to the other side of the world for Christmas, so for the first time in eight years he did not celebrate at home in the South of France with us. Instead my daughter and I had a different kind of celebration with extended family and wintery fun.

The evening before he left was of course very emotional in our house and as with all high profile yachting jobs, his phone was constantly ringing. I asked him why he wasn’t answering the phone and he looked at me and said, “I never do if I don’t know who’s calling”. This answer triggered a thought; We all want to, and these days have the option to be able to, choose the best time for us to talk on the phone, reply to a text, watch our favourite TV series……. 

25 years ago when I got my first mobile phone it was a freedom from landlines. We were able to walk and talk and be reached wherever we where. It felt like a revolution, possibly one of the biggest changes to daily life since the contraceptive pill was made freely available. Time has given us Internet access on our phones, and now people are using their mobiles as an office with the freedom to work anytime, any place, at home or on the move.

In a similar vein Online Video Interviews also gives us that freedom to choose when and where to recruit, in the office or on the go. Agencies and Captains already using the system have all mentioned they liked saving so much time, and taking back control of their recruitment process.

To explain, the candidate can use their mobile device or laptop, or tablet to record their interview answers where and when they want, and as many times as they want until they are happy. They can also upload CV’s and certificates to send to the recruiter to support their application.

The recruiter can open the recorded video interview on their mobile/laptop/tablet at their convenience and forward the best candidate videos to their clients, who can instantly watch the interview while they are sailing on the other side of the world!

Online Video Interviewing allows you to find the best pick of the bunch quickly and effectively and at your convenience. It allows you to arrange to meet only the right candidates face to face before making that final decision. 

This is FREEDOM OF CHOICE and taking back control of what can be a very long-winded recruitment process.

Although this freedom can bring some much needed magic to our working lives, we need to keep in mind that Tindering through life is not the way to go 100% of the time. We still need and should value human contact. We are all guilty of quickly sending a WhatsApp message to our friends instead of picking up the phone and talking to each other, and really hearing the nuances of each other’s voices.

We should not be afraid to meet and have a conversation, or even a confrontation.

Let that be our personal new years resolution, lets use social media and technology to free up our time and help us make better choices, without letting our iPhones and apps take over our lives completely!

Happy New Year.