This is yachting! Social events full of glamour from Spanish yacht shows to Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, and lunch at the Anjuna beach joined by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Grand Prix 2018 winner Daniel Ricciardo.

How lucky we are to be able to see, enjoy and be part of all this. The social events started this spring with MYBA Charter Show and Palma Superyacht Show at the end of April.

TUV Consulting team with Daniel Ricciardo

Palma Superyacht Show was a great event for us this year. I was delighted to see that the show has grown and developed into to a world-class event with it's facilities extended showcasing a new bridge. Whilst there I found out that that we have a competitor in online video interviewing. Mimicry is of course, the highest form of flattery, but they are concentrating on crew and collecting a recruitment database so they have a totally different approach. This just makes me believe more strongly that we are doing the right thing and recorded online video interviewing is the next MUST for superyacht and all global recruitment.

Titta and Ann from TUV Consulting stood at the Palma Superyacht 3D sign

GDPR OMG! The new regulations will change our approach to marketing and I think from now on social media is going to play an even more important role in our strategy.

TUV-consulting has done our part, making sure we are compliant for data protection and our online video interviewing tool hosted by RecRight is the first recruitment platform to be fully GDPR compliant

MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona also brought up some great new inventions such as YOTHA Their approach to streamlining charter sales is the next generation approach. The industry needs shaking up in many different ways and the current traditional sales approach between brokers and charterers could change dramatically.

We also met some great new contacts for the consulting side of TUV, combined with the upsurge for businesses and private clients using online video interviews we are pleased to watch our efforts growing globally, and very organically at the moment.

Looking at the changing climate and new inventions in the yachting market, I also see lots of moving and shaking happening around myself. Some great friends are leaving the South of France and taking the whole family to the other side of the world. Other friends who (after a few years of traditional work) have decided to leave our safe haven on the Cotes d’Azur and open their wings to new adventures - how brave people really are! These inspirational families make me wonder if it could be my time soon to do something life changing?

Lets see - why not!