Happy New Year.

As I mentioned in my blog in August we have been asked to change our brand name. TUV is of course my initials but it also happens to be a registered trademark in another country, so we are treating ourselves to a rebrand and fresh new look for 2019. 

TUV-consulting is reborn as TUVYC.com 

This isn’t a completely new beginning as we are doing great on the path we have chosen, but it gives us an opportunity to tell our clients even more clearly about the focus of our business. First and foremost TUVYC is a business consultancy company.

In 2018 we expanded our range of consultancy services to outside the yachting sector and the latest edition to our client range is an online gaming company. What an interesting life I have! I’m currently working with a group of Millennials that have been involved in gaming since they were 14 years old and now, at the grand old age of 22, they are already multi millionaires.

Back to yachting and I attended The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam last autumn for the first time. I found it fascinating how the superyacht industry includes such a wide range of experts from around the world, and one of the most interesting subjects at the forum was the new generation of Millennials. There were experts from different sectors of life talking about marketing to Millennials and trying to explain their view of life that is changing from the more traditional materialistic mentality to one that values lifestyle and experiences above all else. Fascinating!

That gave me a lot to think about – keeping the business fresh and current and what new tools to use both in the business consultancy and start up mentoring programs. I love mentoring, the clients we have on the program are just wonderful, energetic and full of new ideas - that`s what inspires me every day. We are working with companies in different stages of their development, but they all have something in common - an open mind and a genuine focus on success.

Not forgetting our Online Video Interviewing – RecRight who provide our system is doing great. They have just been integrated with the international business system SAP and Riku Malkki, CEO of RecRight explained “By integrating with SAP Success Factors Recruiting, we can offer a more streamlined user experience for recruiters, while candidates enjoy a best-of-breed experience.”

We are now widening our client base to include other sectors of business and are currently working within the education sector in UK. We are also seeking new and dynamic crew agents who will value the possibilities of Online video Interviewing. The latest edition to the TUVYC family is www.knotspirit.com and they have already received great feedback from their Captains. Welcome onboard Mandy and Bradley Smook!

So for us it is a New Year with a fresh look on the outside and a fresh focus on the inside! We would love you to explore our updated website, especially the extended consultancy section and let us know what you think.