Over the last few months we have announced that multiple large crew recruitment agencies are now using TUV Consulting’s online video interviewing system to streamline their recruitment process and make sure they shortlist the best available candidates.

During busy times it is especially important to make time to listen to clients and ask them what they think of your product or service. I recently met with Hill Robinson Crew to find out what they think of video interviewing now they have been using the system for some time.

Hill Robinson Crew logo

I spoke with Esther Delamare, Senior Crew Manager at Hill Robinson Yacht Management Consultants and she had some very nice things to say about us.

“As a Crew recruitment agency, we find it important to add value on top of the usual services and TUV Consulting has given us the opportunity to do so. The tools are very easy to use and the client and user feedback we have received is very positive.

“The team at TUV are responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. We are planning on using the system on a daily basis and believe TUV will help Hill Robinson crew achieve great results.”

It’s great to receive such positive reviews both from industry experts like Hill Robinson Crew, and the Captains and crew that have used our tool when applying for jobs.

As the season starts to rear its head, I look forward to sharing more positive stories from our clients and users and helping other recruiters, management companies, Captains and senior crew save time and find their perfect team.

Ciao for now!