The image above is a text message that I received from one of the superyacht industries respected business leaders after a meeting regarding a consultancy project I had been discussing with him for months. We had agreed a time schedule and the outline of the project, but after he sent this message to me and I did not react to his approach he has not made any contact with me regarding the consultancy project. Is this acceptable and professional behaviour?

Don't get me wrong, I do not feel that I have been verbally assaulted or need to share the #MeToo hashtag like so many women in yachting have experienced, but I do think the power games that started in the 1980's still exist in the male dominated yachting industry and hidden sexual harassment is out there even today.

What should I do?

Should I just leave it or go the whole hog and publish this persons name?

I do not know the answer and I feel that naming and shaming is not the way I want to approach this, but why should I have to take the submissive path and lose this consultancy project that I thought was a genuine business deal and not a power game between a woman and a man?

#MeToo has been on everybody’s lips since October 2017. Thousands of women from different industries have been affected for centuries with both public and hidden sexual harassment. Talks were recently held at Monaco Yacht Show around the #MeToo issues by Sea Changers and you may have seen this article published by Nautilus about the same subject

I agree that there is often a different kind of chemistry when you are dealing with the opposite sex, maybe more so when doing business in a very male dominant industry. I am also sure that some women use their power to manipulate the men in their life and that is how it has always been and will always be.

Of course what I have experienced is nothing as serious as what those involved in the #MeToo campaign are talking about, but to use a business environment as a way to deliver (not so) hidden messages just does not sit right according to my morals.

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