According to Wikipedia Boredom boreout syndrome is a psychological disorder that causes physical illness, mainly caused by mental underload at the workplace due to lack of either adequate quantitative or qualitative workload. Could this be a bigger problem in our industry than the usual mental and physical burnout that has been talked about in great detail?

I read some interesting interviews about people that have been diagnosed with Boreout syndrome and it seems that it often arises in project style working where sometimes you are overly busy and stressed, and some months there is very little to do at all. In the yachting industry it takes great skill from the HOD’s to motivate the crew and keep them focused. I think actively encouraging people to study and take part in internal on the job learning could be one solution to this. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an industry wide change where crew could more easily switch between working onboard and onshore?

As part of the Life After Yachting movement I have been in talks with some educational institutes like the prestigious Les Roches hospitality school in Switzerland. Together with G.U.E.S.T. we are working towards getting credits for yacht crew from the superyacht training courses they complete, that count towards modules of the bachelor and master level degrees that Les Roches provide.

Currently it looks like we may be able to transfer G.U.E.S.T. course credits to the practical working modules for a number of their qualifications. Yacht Crew can also complete hospitality studies after their yachting career to be able to ensure they have an internationally credited certificate for their future, and we are opening discussions with other institutes and universities to offer similar accreditation options for superyacht specific certificates.   

My aim is to develop collaborations between universities, hospitality schools and yacht training facilities to offer robust online or distance learning qualifications for yacht specific courses that would already be accredited by them, giving the crew wider options for their life after yachting. Bringing this full circle, this in turn would hopefully partially resolve motivation issues and encourage people to continue to develop themselves during their down time and not to fall into the Boreout trap.  

In other news

The Finnish government owned Business Finland organisation has invited TUVYC Ltd to join its official list of recommended international consultancies. We are very proud of this recognition by the international business community.

Last but not least, the first Life After Yachting virtually live event was a great success. After discussions with crew and partners we have decided to leave our professional matchmaking portal open all year round and develop the entire Life After Yachting movement so that we can support and have a positive impact to peoples yachting life throughout their career cycle.

Stay tuned and more news will be coming soon.