Corona is on everyone’s lips. Well we hope it’s not on everyone’s lips literally, but it’s all people are talking about that’s for sure. Bill Gates warned us about the devastating effects of a flu pandemic virus back in 2015 and the world did not take him seriously, or at least didn’t prepare for this level of pandemic, but it’s here now! We do not have the tools to fight or even to protect our health care workers, and the future is unknown for us all.

This was one of the main messages in a webinar that I participated in this week. The webinar was hosted by the Nordic Business forum and the speaker was Risto Siilasmaa who is a professional board member from Nokia and F-secure. He was talking about strategic scenario planning and difficulties to predict the future in this fast-changing world. His main message was that now is the time to stop and think while our freedom is restricted and our routines up in the air.

Is this virus natures way of telling us that we have come to the end of an era? Unnecessary travelling, commuting to work every day, abusing the natural resources and huge overpopulation. These are the problems we have not been able to resolve quickly enough without nature’s own intervention. I think we are going to find ourselves in a different kind of a world after this tragedy. I think that distributed workforce, autonomous working and distance learning is going to be a big part of our future way of living. The change is always scary for us all but I think the outcome will be a positive one at the end of the day. Personally I look forward to continuing this back to the basics lifestyle and embracing the most important things in our life like family time and health.   

I have been working with online video interviewing for the last five years now and because of the corona virus it looks like all our routines including exercise, social communication and work are going to be carried out digitally proving the online video platforms massive potential. You might even say that online video interviewing with all its live, record, replay and sharing possibilities is the new black.

I have also been deepening my thoughts around the Life after Yachting event in September at the Yacht Club de Monaco. Life after Yachting is going to be a ground breaking event for our industry and will of course follow the new wave and be partially virtual, very flexible and easily adjustable for a global audience learning a new way of living that we are going to find ourselves doing after the first stage of corona virus passes. Our lives will never be the same but hopefully it’s going to be more mindful and thank goodness for technology!

Stay safe.