Life After Yachting is a brand new superyacht event being held on the 18th of September from 10am - 6pm at the Monaco Yacht Club.

More than 1000 people decide to quit yachting every year and the average superyacht career lasts around eight short years.  

Where do crew go after life onboard? It’s a travesty that we lose that many valuable, highly skilled people who understand our uniquely niche industry every single year.

TUVYC has conducted lots of market research over the last five years that included talking with many hundreds of crew and onshore businesses. It has become apparent that the very specific skill sets of crew, and our yacht training qualifications are often not recognised outside the superyacht industry. This can be a huge problem once experienced crew decide to leave their onboard yachting life.

I believe there is such a lot of talent to be appreciated and shared back on land and that is how “Life After Yachting” event was born.Life after yachting written in the sandLife after Yachting is a one-day event at the Yacht Club de Monaco on the 18th of September 2020. The event is divided into two parts. A Jobs Fair for yacht crew looking for employed, land based work, and a START UP business incubator that takes crew with start up business ideas under its wing and helps them to prepare their pitch for the ‘Kraken’s Den’ of venture capitalists and financial institutions willing to invest in the right ideas, and help yacht crew to get their business off the ground. 

The Jobs Fair will offer an opportunity to meet up with onshore yachting companies alongside businesses from other luxury industries who understand the value of well-trained crew, and the skills and standards they work by. Crew will be able to showcase their specialist skills sets to companies who actively want to employ them, and the companies will offer a smooth transition to people’s life after yachting.

Participants of the StartUp business incubator will be invited to work with business school experts who will advise and assist with modifying and completing a successful business pitch.  This can then be presented to the investors in the Kraken’s Den session and also taken away to use in any future opportunities.Fulfil your destiny written in chalk on the pavement

How did I come up with the idea? It all started during MYS 2019. The International Superyacht Society held a seminar about entrepreneurship in yachting which Norma Trease kindly invited me to participate in because of the start up coaching side of the TUVYC business. After the event I had at least 10 people interested in talking to me about how to develop their idea into a successful business, and that’s how the idea of a Life after Yachting event began. 

Now the idea has grown to include all ‘crew retirees’ who either want to continue working in an onshore yachting position, those who want to branch out to other luxury sectors, and those who want to be land based and develop their own business adventures.

With this in mind we would like to invite people wondering what to do next, people with startup ideas, and land-based companies interested in taking advantage of the extraordinary skills superyacht crew have to offer to join us at this inaugural Life After Yachting event.

We already have a number of prestigious yachting companies signed up for the event before it has even officially launched.

Just another sign that makes me even more convinced that there is so much Life after Yachting to be enjoyed.

To find out more please visit the new Life After Yachting Website that is being updated over the coming weeks, and follow the event on FacebookInstagram and Linkedin for the latest news!

If you would like to arrange to meet up or discuss your participation please email and we will be in touch.