What a month September is turning out to be. 

I couldn't be more thrilled with the support and interest in the Life After Yachting movement. So many talented crew are registering for access to our month long online portal and finding onshore work, or taking advantage of all the free advice and support offered by our amazing support team.

If you haven't already registered then please visit www.lifeafteryachting.com and click the blue button.

Then we have our LIVE virtual event this Friday 18th September filled with even more guidance, experience sharing and help from our supporters, some inspirational stories from crew that made the jump ashore and never looked back, and of course the Krakens Den... 

You can join our event via Zoom with the secure link available in the program tab of the online portal, or listen live all day on Superyacht Radio.

Here is the full program and timings for Friday. We hope you can virtually join us!

10.00 CET - Welcome note with Sarrah Macey (Global Superyacht Marketing), Titta Uoti-Vaisanen (TUVYC) and Maeve Dempsey (SuperYacht Radio).

10.30 CET - Anna from APetchell Coaching will explain her approach to helping crew plan and execute their exit strategy and what kind of services she offers.

11.00 CET - Emma Parkes (Church House Investments) will tell us about how their yacht crew investment program can help crew successfully plan their finances around any exit strategies.

11.30 CET - Will Faimatea (BOND TM) shares his story about moving from being onboard as an ETO to founding multiple globally successful businesses in an interview with Titta and Sarrah.

12.00 CET - Simone Embacher - Kaiserschnecke tells her inspirational story about transitioning from yachtie to snail farmer in a film produced specially for Life After Yachting.

12.30 CET - Lunch time entertainment. Great music from SuperYacht Radio with a selection of short messages from crew round the world.

13.30 CET- Join us for the first ever Kraken’s Den where our leaders of yachting help two entrepreneurs develop their business plans.

15.00 CET - Tony Stout (YACHTNEEDS) shares his journey from First Mate to creating and running the hugely successful superyacht app and website in an interview with Titta and Sarrah.

16.00 CET - Joey Meen (GUEST & IAMI) talks about working with Susanne Welle, Dean of the Undergraduate Program at Les Roches  hospitality school in Switzerland to facilitate the recognition of superyacht qualifications.

16.30 CET - Catelin Vaughan (ISWAN) will tell us about the new initiatives the 24h Seafarers help line have to specifically support yacht crew.  

17.00 CET - Wrap-up and future plans with Titta and Sarrah.

As always we couldn't do this without our partner and support network. We are forever grateful to:

Sarrah from Global Superyacht Marketing, John from FunAir, Tony from YACHTNEEDS, Will and Angela from Bond TM, Anna from Anna Petchell Coaching, Emma from Church House Investments, Jessica from WilsonHalligan, Joey from G.U.E.S.T., Susanne from La Roches Hospitality School, Caitlin from ISWAN, Pandora from Art On Yachts, Jesse from Eventilla, Iiro from Tavata Events and of course the amazing team at Superyacht Radio.