Thursday 26th November from 9-12 CET

Join us for three hours of lively discussions, job opportunities and debates around yacht crew, land-based employment and the dreaded 'Golden Handcuffs'.

Everyone is welcome and we will be broadcasting on Zoom via this secure link

and live on Superyacht Radio

LAY Focus | Onshore employment – Recruitment paths – Golden handcuffs

What should crew be doing if they are looking for direct employment in a land-based environment?

What advice is important for yacht crew planning their exit?

What opportunities are out there for interior, deck and engineering professionals? 

Official Program

9.00 CET - Welcome note with Sarrah Macey (Global Superyacht Marketing), Titta Uoti-Vaisanen (TUVYC) and Maeve Dempsey (SuperYacht Radio).  

9.15 CET - Emma Parkes (Church House Investments) will present “How to avoid fraud - 10 questions to ask your investment manager or financial adviser” with a 10-minute discussion at the end.

9.45 CET - Donna Murray from Hill Robinson Elite will be interviewed by Sarrah and Titta.

10.15 CET - Inge Nielsen Ltd tells the story of her yachting life and her life after yachting in an Interview with Sarrah and Titta.

10.30 CET - Anna Petchell Coaching talks about crew coaching and the value of useful workshops.

10.45 CET - The Debate - “Golden handcuffs” is the return shameful?” Sarrah, Titta, Anna, Dale Fisher from Proteus Recruitment and Nuno do o Caeiro from Earth and Sea Elite will be discussing a two way exit strategy, telling their own stories and finding out how to break the shame around returning to the sea if a land based life didn’t work out as planned.

11.45 CET - Wrap up and new job offers for crew by Sarrah, Titta and Maeve.

We look forward to seeing you there!