We are out of confinement in France for now… How long it’s going to last nobody knows. Here on the Cotes D’Azur the streets are busy and the schools are opened. Everybody is talking about the new normal, but what is it? Long term social distancing, face masks that match your outfit, cleaning your hands after every move you make….. Whatever it may be we will need to get used to it.

I do think lots of good things have come out of this lockdown. I’ve already mentioned the positives around distance learning, video conferences, webinars and the knock on effects of less travelling in my last blog ‘It’s time to stop and think’, but when I talk to people the funny thing is everybody seems to miss the same few things; their friends and extended family and exercise routines. I think we have all somehow been grounded and become more focused on what is important in and this is a very good thing.

This makes me think back over my last two months. I have been working from my home office while taking care of the family. It has been a great experiment on how to slow your life down but still get lots of done without the stress of commuting. I have been able to do all the final planning and background work for the Life After Yachting event, and we have decided to do the event partly virtual and partly live but with an easy option to go completely virtual if that the ways it needs to be in September.The website is up and looks great, thank you Sarrah from Global Superyacht Marketing! We have confirmed our three Investors / business angels who will be our panel on Kraken's Den business incubator board. I have been busy contacting companies from a very wide range of sectors, both inside and outside the yachting industry to be able to offer our yacht crew as many opportunities as possible.

We are also looking for career advisors, financial advisors, educational institutes, additional employers from shore based yachting companies and a hospitality partner to help evolve the Life After Yachting event.

We have already received great support from multiple yachting companies and first to partner with us is FunAir and YACHTNEEDS who both understand the positive social responsibility element to this event and are pleased to be able to support the crew they have both worked with in their journey to a shore based lifestyle.
We have now opened our doors to the first batch of entrepreneurial crew and young crew led businesses that would like to pitch their idea to our board of investors. If you have a new business and want to fast track your growth, or you have a great idea that needs some guidance on the best path to get started,  get in touch and we will help you to hone your plans, build your pitch to the investors and will follow your development via our social media, giving you a head start and great exposure to your future market.    

Much like all of us emerging from our homes, Life After Yachting is evolving and emerging into this new world as well.