Last year was a roller coaster both in my personal and professional life. Its not easy to face life restrictions, and when things are out of your control you have to take a step back to evaluate instead of pushing harder and in reality probably making matter worse. We should all listen when the universe tells us to ease back and revaluate goals. However frustrating it can be at the time!

Titta Uoti Vaisanen enjoying a winter wonderland

Lucky for me my professional goals are coming along nicely and it is very satisfying to reap the rewards we have been trying so hard to reach.

 After two years spent educating the superyacht industry on what online video interviewing is, and the benefits it can bring to busy captains, management companies and recruitment agencies, we can proudly say that finally the message has been understood, and that our recorded and shareable online video interviews are the next essential must have in global yacht recruitment.

Our clients are now using online video interviewing in many different areas across yachting. I have been particularly impressed by some of our crew agencies combining the power of online video interviewing with the scale and reach of social media. We have been working with them to trial sharing links to open interviews on Facebook and Instagram and have received some very nice feedback so far.

Phone with facebook on it

We have also just launched the second round of our new Start Up Mentoring program for young businesses wishing to break into the superyacht community. The first Start Ups from our program have nearly completed stage one of the program and we are extremely pleased with the results.

The TUV start up program has been divided into three different stages depending on the current state of their business. The company can then grow with us and benefit from our wide range of experts who can focus on helping with different stages of their individual needs.

The beauty of a mentoring program is of course to be able to follow and support the progress of the company mentored, and give them the best advice and guidance to navigate through the shoals of industry life.

Office with sign on the wall saying Ideas start here

We have recently signed a new partnership contract with How2Yachts. This together with our existing sales force will open a new era for online video interviewing, and help to continue our expansion across the global yacht market using our simple pay as you go product.

Our mission statement is to provide a functional, easy to use and affordable online video interviewing product for everybody who is involved in recruiting within the yachting market. I am glad to say that both the online video interviewing and the consultancy business are growing and well on the way to success.

I am very grateful for the people who work alongside me. Ann Calverley, our back office assistance and my mentor in many ways, Sarrah Macey from Global Superyacht Marketing helping us to keep on the right track and giving us valuable advice and marketing support, and not forgetting my husband who is always there for me.

So 2018… We have made it!!