Not just for superyachts… TUV Consultancy now offers its pre-recorded interview screening services to the wider shipping community.

Most cruise ships have over 1000 staff working on board at any time. Anyone who has worked long term in the shipping industry, be that on board a superyacht, a cargo vessel or cruise ship, will know that close living quarters, tough shifts and being part of a 24 service to the customers can be tough. Having a good team, who work well together, and play well together is really important in this kind of environment. Just one ‘rotten egg’ can affect everyone, including the customers!

The wider maritime industry needs an effective global recruitment process. Finding those 1000 cruise ship team members, who have all manner of skill sets, is a recruitment challenge and a half. Finding a team of people who can work in close confinement to each other, who often need to have several languages under their belt to accommodate customer requirements, is a logistical nightmare.

This is where TUV consultancy comes in. Starting in the superyacht sector, but now available to all shipping industries, their video interview screening service has been welcomed with open arms by professional seafarers.

Currently the 450,000+ officers serving on international trading vessels are usually recruited from North America, Europe and the Far East. Overcoming time zone challenges between these three areas can be difficult.

TUV Consultancy is already receiving praise for their easy to use software and the fact that candidates can pre-record their short video responses with as little as 0.3mb upload speed.

Potential employers can then watch the videos at a time convenient to them, and also assess candidate’s body language, personality and presentation skills. None of which is possible with a printed CV or telephone interview.

Set to revolutionise the way recruitment is conducted, contact TUV Consulting today on and check out our Facebook page.