The last six months have been very busy creating and developing our new initiative for TUVYC market entry consultancy, Superyacht Foodie.

Superyacht foodie is a marketing channel for new food products to enter the yachting industry. We select the finest ingredients from around the world putting lots of time and effort into researching and sourcing the very best organic, healthy, and sustainable next generation food produce.

Superyacht Foodie then connects the producers of the chosen speciality food and drinks, many of which are also vegan and gluten free, with the trusted superyacht provisioners who understand how to store, transport and deliver them to superyachts globally.

We will not sell the globally sourced produce directly to the yachts and instead will focus on supporting the food producers, provisioners, chefs and stews by sourcing and promoting an ever-increasing bank of fine foods yet to be discovered. Our aim is to re-ignite people’s passion for provisioning!

This has been my focus for the last few months together with Business Finland. I am really excited to be able to support Finnish companies but also to use my knowledge as an ex-superyacht chef to introduce new and exciting products to my fellow chefs.Yacht Chef placing garnish on starter dish

We all know that the last year has not been easy for many of us. I have been very fortunate to be able to bring both the Life After Yachting movement and Superyacht Foodie to fruition. Both LAY and Superyacht Foodie have a positive and supportive impact for the yachting industry. We all love food and being together! This is really our philosophy behind this all.

Life After Yachting has also had a new injection of energy. Using the Life After Yachting Platform for recruitment, we have started working with Tara Smuts our new social media manager and Melissa Hesslop who will be assisting us in all areas. Sarrah Macey will continue heading up the marketing department and working with Tara and Melissa and I to make sure we keep you all up to date with the latest news and developments.  Welcome to the team ladies!

This is very much in line with the LAY philosophy of giving ex yachties the opportunity to work with us, and for all of us to develop new skills together. Tara and Melissa will be taking a very active role in both LAY and Superyacht Foodie and we can’t wait to share even more about these amazing projects.

We have some fabulous new features coming up for LAY as well as a number of great new partners joining the yacht crew support team. We have also had lots of interest from outside the yachting industry which is another big win for everyone involved.

I truly believe that together with our partners we are on the right path to provide an amazing, industry wide community, here to support yacht crew and enjoy all aspects of the yachting lifestyle.

Ciao for now,