Kim Kardashian recently shared the Finnish drink brand Lonkero to her 239 million followers in her Instagram stories.

What an amazing surprise for this small Finnish company that had simply been targeting many different high net worth individuals by sending them free samples for tasting. Luckily this proven method is also one of the ways that Superyacht Foodie helps our clients reach the high-net-worth individuals within the superyacht community.

TUVYC and Superyacht Foodie image of Kim Kardashian

Superyacht Foodie is a marketing platform that sources very fine, healthy, rare and sustainable food and drink products and introduces them to the superyacht industry. We deliver samples directly to the provisioning companies that supply the luxury yachts and then create the demand by sharing the same samples with the yachts for their chefs and interior crew to taste and explore. At the same time, we promote the brands globally sharing recipes and ideas via the dedicated Superyacht Foodie social media channels, and make sure all the food and drink brands stay firmly in the minds of our audience.

We enable new innovative food and drink producers to get their produce on the tables of superyacht clients. Although we only started the platform earlier this year, we can already see a great growth in our followers and in the first few months we delivered tasting baskets to five top provisioning agents in med and to chefs and chief stews onboard nine yachts. The feedback has been great and some of the products have already been requested on orders from the yacht chefs and interior crew.

TUVYC and Superyacht Foodie image of Gordon Ramsey in Finland

Next, we have Gordon Ramsay who used to hate Finnish food, yet the latest episode of his new series on National Geographic sees Gordon travelling to Finland and enjoying cooking with my former chef student Kim Mikkola who is now a Michelin star chef that helps him discover the special food of our country.

Superyacht Foodie started its journey by promoting Finnish food to the superyacht community. At the moment we have 17 Finnish companies that we are supporting during this first season of Superyacht Foodie which ends with a live tasting event at the Monaco Yacht Club from 10 -18 CET on the 18th of September. We will be running this free event alongside our Life After Yachting event happening at the same time so you are all welcome to join us at this fantastic networking opportunity to sample the Finnish culinarily delights and meet the producers behind them.

We are also pleased to announce that there are many more fantastic food and drink products lined up for our next tasting baskets which we will be working on from October marking the start of our winter season.

I think these are all great reasons to stay tuned and we will let you more regarding the event at Monaco Yacht Club very soon.

Image of Kim Kardashian credit - Tellerreport