Exceptionally crafted menus showcasing cutting edge food concepts and unusual ingredients is a huge part of the superyacht experience.

Our aim with Superyacht Foodie is to connect the producers of exquisite, sustainable, healthy and speciality food and drinks, many of which are also vegan, with the trusted superyacht provisioners who understand how to store, transport and deliver them to superyachts globally.

In partnership with leading provisioners and yacht agents such as Evolution Yachts, Green Chilli and Froggy Gourmet, tasting baskets have been delivered directly to yacht chefs and chief stews onboard nine yachts from 53m to 110m in Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Genoa, La Ciotat and Barcelona and they will be encouraged to reach out to their preferred provisioners or agents when they are ready to order.

Primarily a marketing space for niche, luxury food and drink producers to enter the superyacht market and offer their products straight to the provisioners on board or on shore, we will not sell the globally sourced produce directly to the yachts and instead will focus on supporting the food producers, provisioners, chefs and stews by sourcing and promoting an ever-increasing bank of fine foods yet to be discovered.

In addition to our hand delivered tasting baskets; networking events will be held at key yachting locations with the first planned at the Monaco Yacht Club in September, demonstration videos from Michelin star and yacht chefs are in production, and recipe ideas and menu suggestions will be shared to help introduce the products to interested superyachts.

Starting with 17 brands from Finland and beyond our aim is to help yacht chefs and chief stews rediscover their passion for provisioning!


Summer Basket Partner Brands

Distillery - Tjudö Vingård

Tjudo Vingard liquor

Distinguished apple liquors using local, natural ingredients with no additives. Handmade from an original family recipe and presented in a stunning and uniquely crafted bottle featuring a signature glass apple.



Snacks & Aperitifs - Fazer

Fazer crisp oat

Wholesome, tasty and environmentally conscious oat-based crisps and breads, perfect for aperitifs, starter dishes and snacks throughout the day.



Brewery - Malmgard

Award winning, carefully crafted oat, wheat, and Finnish barley malt artisan beers in a range of sweet, bitter and fruity flavours. This eco-conscious company donate yearly to ocean conservation projects.



Confectionary - Taiga Chocolate

Vegan, gluten and dairy free, responsibly handcrafted premium confectionary inspired by the unique flavours of Finnish nature. Includes dark chocolate containing antioxidants and serotonin precursors and delicious freeze-dried berries that retain 97% of their vitamins. Think superfoods for the mind and body.



Soft Drinks - Kuohu

Exceptional Class 1 water described as “Energetic, joyful and bright like music from Mozart” by a renowned water Sommelier. Protection of the pure environment that the water is sourced from is at the forefront of the production process.



Superfoods - Arctic Forest

Handcrafted Artic Superfood Bars are packed full of pure local Nordic ingredients that are free from additives, gluten, dairy and soy. High in fibre they are born out of a love of quality raw ingredients and an appreciation of the environment that inspired them.



Brewery - Saimaa Brewing

100% organic beers from a micro-brewery who have sustainability at the forefront of their solar powered production. Their field to table philosophy ensures their drinks can be enjoyed with a totally clear conscience.


Snacks & Aperitifs - Leader Foods


High protein, gluten free, low lactose snack bars with no added sugar that are packed with award winning flavour and look great.



Brewery - Tornion Panimo

Artisan beers made from the pure artic waters of Lapland. Tornion use 100 % renewable energy combined with centuries-old traditional brewing techniques, and only the best locally sourced ingredients.



Soft Drinks - HILE Water

Trailblazers in promoting healthy and ethical production all whilst being the officially certified water of Santa Claus! 100 % organic, uniquely clean, untreated, and presented in a beautifully enticing crystal-clear glass bottle.



Superfoods - Elixi Oil

Flaxseed and fruit crush mixes providing an excellent source of protein, fibre and omega 3. A perfect addition to health shakes and cereal dishes, their cold pressing process seals in all the vitamins and minerals you need.



Brewery - Stadin Panimo

Officially ‘The best beer in Finland’ with no artificial colours, flavours or additives, this company strive to be pioneers in the field of micro-brewing and focus on experimental malted and aroma speciality beers.



Speciality meats - Veljekset Rönkä Maustaja Sauces

Veljekset Rönkä provide premium reindeer, beef and lamb locally sourced in the northern wilderness of Finnish Lapland with complimentary sauces from Maustaja. Quality, state of origin and animal welfare are at the forefront, giving people a healthy, ethical, and environmentally conscious choice.



Soft Drinks - Soul Mate

All-natural alternative energy drink harnessing the ancient South American native Yerbe Mate plant and its natural caffeine, combined with antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system, bone and muscle growth and good electrolyte balance.



Superfoods - Poikain Parhaat

Vegan, gluten and lactose free freeze-dried berries containing no artificial flavours, colours or additives, just 100% Finnish berries. Super rich in vitamins and nutrients, processing is minimal keeping them lightly handcrafted and authentic in taste.



Snacks & Aperitifs - Real Snacks

Oikia Oatis are gluten free, vegan and contain 40% less fat than potato crisps. Proud to source locally and ensure traceable ingredients - even the name of the farm is labelled on the recyclable packaging.



Plant Based - Verso Food

Plant based, fabulous alternative to meat that is vegan, gluten and soy free whilst being very high in protein. Using a broad bean base this is a nutrient rich power dish, tasty, healthy and responsibly brought to the table with a shelf life of 8 months.



We launched Superyacht foodie in the Spring of 2021 and have already received lots of positive feedback from yacht chefs, chief stews, yacht agents and provisioning companies. With popularity growing we are now starting to accept enquires for our Autumn basket.

Please email info@superyachtfoodie.com if you would like your foodie brand to be considered and follow Superyacht Foodie Social Media to keep up with all our innovative food and drink partners.

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