Growth is the most frequently used noun in my discussions with clients. It doesn’t matter if I speak to existing businesses or startup clients. It’s the same if I am at the Nordic business forum or Monaco Yacht Show.

We all want to know the most efficient formula to be able to successfully grow our business.

I was in Helsinki last week participating in the Nordic Business forum where the main headline was GROWTH. 7500 people from 46 countries gathered together to listen to world leading economist and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple, Sara Blakely founder of Spanx, Carla Harris, CEO of Morgan Stanley, Randi Zuckerberg, the first lady of Facebook, Brené Brown, professor from the University of Huston and not forgetting George Clooney who was there for more than just his good looks!. /infographic on Sara Blakely

The focus was innovation and how to make organisations accept innovation failure, and learn from their mistakes. There were also some very interesting arguments from Juliet Funt from WhiteSpace at work regarding time management in organisations and how much unnecessary meetings and replying to cc emails cost organisations.

She argues that based on their studies up to 1/3 of working hours are taken up with unnecessarily tasks. Wow! That’s something we all need to be mindful of and work towards resolving in the future…

Maybe a distributed workforce is the solution. I completely agree with the ideology of distributed workforce and that’s the way my organisation works. Let me explain.

In my company every consultant works independently and our only focus is to satisfy our clients anticipations and meet the project deadlines. I do not care if you are the personality type that wants to work in the middle of the night, as long as you deliver on time. I also feel that if my consultants work for multiple clients it widens their perspective and lifts their work ethics.

Distributed workforce is the new black. Millennials want to be independent but challenged at the same time and this way of organising your workforce supports that idea. 

The other thing I learned from the conference will help my start up clients. Our next project will simplify and therefore shorten innovation testing. This will become the preliminary tool for our start up clients supported by our funding program. Innovation lifespan in any sector is very short and that’s why we need to be able to test disruptive innovations fast and effectively. In return our clients will get a professional soft launch and the necessary feedback they need to refine their product or service with enough time to hard launch while the idea is still current.

Titta and friends at the MYS Fraser party

MYS 2019 was also a great success for us. Lots of new projects in the pipeline again and some very interesting new clients for TUVYC. Autumn is full of yacht shows, parties, networking and I feel extremely lucky to be part of it all. Next stop Amsterdam and I will meet you at the Global Superyacht Forum at METS.