This month I was very pleased to be selected from many entrepreneurs to be interviewed by Karine from Crew Coach! We spoke about how I started my own business within the yachting industry and what it's like behind the scenes at TUV. Crew Coach wanted to know more about how I decided on what business to start and wanted to hear my story, whilst getting tips for anyone currently in that position.

We talked about what is exciting about starting a new venture on your own after being a yacht crew-member, and what are the realities of life on land. I also spoke a little about my family life, how career and family can co-exist and how I got back into working after staying home with a baby. We then covered the different aspects of my consulting business and how important networking is when planning a new idea because you need to spread the word to quickly escalate your success. 

I hope you enjoy the video!


The Crew Coach works with individuals and teams to maximise performance and potential of all crew. They are on a mission to elevate careers through empowering crew with the skills they need to develop, lead and thrive.

Visit the Crew Coach website here.