Video interviewing has changed the dynamic of global superyacht recruitment in 2016. Crew are now expected to submit a recorded video pre- interview on many occasions when they apply for superyacht jobs, and it’s amazing how badly this can go.

Captains and crew recruitment agents use secure systems such as those provided by TUV Consulting to view short, recorded videos from potential new crew members to decide whom they should meet face to face.

This means crew now have to up their game and be able to present themselves successfully on screen to secure their next superyacht job. Personal presentation, confidence, personality and body language can be viewed in advance via video interviewing and currently many fantastic crew just are not making the mark.

In a world filled with selfies and iPhone video clips on social media, it shouldn’t be too much of a leap to convert those skills to recording a 2 minute video interview, but it is surprising how wrong some people get it.

This summer TUV Consulting will be sharing tips on how to make sure your video interview is well received, and stands out from the crowd. The following two videos from experienced chefs show the good, the bad and the terrible.

This first chef suffers from a common complex. He thinks he has seen it all and done it all. Whatever fantastic experience you have, never presume you are the best. Give real life examples that showcase your skills. And definitely stay humble…

On the opposite end of the scale this next chef has bossed his video. He has clearly thought about the message he wants to get across, and wouldn’t want to employ a rapping chef!

Now that the Med season is underway, keep an eye on the TUV Consulting Facebook page and website this summer for more tips on how to make sure you make the cut for your next superyacht job.