At the beginning of June I travelled to Finland, my home country. I used the opportunity to meet with Recright - the suppliers of our online video interviewing tool. My consultancy has been working with online video interviewing since 2014, and I think I can safely say I have an excellent working knowledge and understanding of the different platforms available on the market at the moment.

I have chosen Recright as the most suitable platform for the yachting industry because of its winning performance in low bandwidth, customer service and reliability as a service provider.

Here are some interesting statistics that I took from our meeting:
There have been over 250,000 completed online video interviews
Results from a 40,000 candidate survey taken in June 2017 indicate

86% (35,325 candidates) are somewhat or very satisfied with video interviewing as a method.

71% of the candidates took less than one hour to video interview.

77% of the candidates record less than five takes per video question to be happy with the result.

Finland is one of the leading countries for research and development in artificial intelligence and its application for different sectors. During my visit I also had the opportunity to look into the exciting tools being developed using artificial intelligence, and Recright explained how it will be used for recruitment. This article gives you some great information on it.

This trip was a wonderful opportunity to touch base with my family and old friends, and even have a school reunion after 30 years. What a great event and a chance to renew old friendships.

I also had a bit of a quiet time to review my past and plan for the future. This gave me time to think about our 'start up mentoring program' and the large business development consultancy work that I finalised with my team in late spring. It now feels like a great place to be in life, being able to finish a project properly before immersing myself in the next one.

That’s how I really like to work, but most of the time its not possible of course. I think it is our Finnish mind set to keep on top of things and deliver on time…

Finally, the Finnish midnight sun, oh dear! You kept me awake and after 20 years of living abroad the body and mind cannot handle the white nights any more. Until the next time!