One of the many pleasures of attending Monaco Yacht Show is getting time to socialise with lots of our clients. Our discussions this year involved how to engage new, good, well motivated crew. This made me think about ‘Millennials’ – those born between 1980 and 2000 – and how they will make up 50 % of the global workforce by 2020.

Often described as the ‘me-me-me, gimme now generation’, they live in a symbiosis with their phones and social media accounts, and all businesses need to consider this new generation that will soon become the majority. A word of warning however, don’t judge our future workforce on this alone. We also need to consider another side of the Millenial ethos.

According to Business Insider, 90 % of Millennials’ purchasing decisions are influenced by a company's social and ethical commitment, while 63 % say that they expect their employers to contribute to a social cause.

Millennials are, in short, a socially aware generation which expects companies to treat their employees, customers and the global environment fairly and ethically. This is the generation of green power, environmental issues, equality, human rights and they operate with a huge need to change the world.

These values will increase the necessity that companies give a good impression of themselves, pointing out their social responsibility and values through branding. This is one of the things our Online video interviewing service will help you to do.

While advertising your job opportunities on social media you can use our RecRight system to set up a branding video of your company, and sell your ideas and values to the candidates you are interested in, thus engaging only the best candidates to your company.

Online video interviewing tackles green values because it reduces the unnecessary travel to screening stage interviews. It also displays ‘front runner attitude’ using new technology and cutting edge data processing with artificial intelligence.

AI will raise your company status over the others. This has been on my mind for a while, figuring out how Millenials will be attracted to joining the workforce; but then of course comes the next stage of how to keep them motivated…

Looking at the MYS 2017 and attending some beautiful events, I could feel a change of attitude towards our environment. Of course our purpose for attending MYS was to do business and engage with our clients but also the discussions were, more than ever before, around world situation, climate change and environmental issues.

Maybe in the future we will finally see that yachting is going to get greener and take more social responsibility - who knows?

See you next at the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam in November!