What a great result we've had spreading the word via social media about mental health issues in yachting. In my previous post I wrote about the dangers of to much screen time, and how social media can become an addiction. However life is always a balancing act and I have just experienced the positive effects of social media. When you need to get a message out to get things moving the right way, there is no better or quicker way to reach out and make friends.

I have been talking to a number of industry leaders within the superyacht sector and am very pleased that the PYA has already reacted and announced that ISWAN (International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network) is doing a survey regarding this issue in partnership with them.

I have also spoken with some insurance companies including Pantaenius who have taken this subject very seriously. They will be refining their health insurance policies and looking into offering a range of tools and information for yacht crew specifically targeting mental health issues.

Yesterday we received word that Medaire already has a product in place that could really support crew-members in need. They offer a phone helpline and face to face counselling for crew and you can find out more here: https://www.medaire.com/blog/post/2018/9/04/emotional-support-for-yacht-crew.

I am overjoyed at the initial positive response to this serious issue. Lets continue to spread the discussion even further and make sure that every individual crew-member understands and has access to help if they need it.