Market Research Consultant

Angela Mayo BSc Hons, MSc, DipIPEM has a 1st Class BSc with Honours in Physics. She went onto receive a Distinction for her MSc in Medical Physics and a Diploma from the Institute of Engineering and Physics in Medicine. She is also qualified as a Clinical Scientist specialising in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection.

Angela is the lead researcher for TUVYC and compiles thorough market research reports for businesses who are looking to enter the superyacht industry or expand into a new yachting sector.

Angela loves nothing more than to spend her spare time trudging around in wellington boots, milking cows and chasing the goats and chickens who share the picturesque country state with her in rural England.


  • Over five years of PHD level research studies
  • Two years conducting superyacht specific survey
  • Commercial business reporting


  • Accurate, non-biased research and reporting for start-ups and expanding superyacht businesses


  • English


  • England