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Whether you are a recruitment expert who handles multiple job vacancies daily, or perhaps a superyacht captain or private jet company looking for elite crew-members, TUVYC can make your recruitment process efficient and cost effective.

We offer an online, recorded video interviewing tool that will allow you to quickly eliminate candidates that do not have the right personality or experience to join your team. You can share the short videos from each candidate with your recruitment panel to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Ten times faster than standard interviewing

Our tool significantly reduces recruitment administration. From your comprehensive recruitment dashboard you can easily manage your job adverts, video interviews and invites.

In the candidate list you will be able to see every candidate who has applied for each job, and there’ll be a page for each candidate where all materials and communication are stored including video answers, comments and classifications from your colleagues, CV’s and other attachments you have requested from the candidate.

Position your company or yacht above competitors

You can email the interview questions to your potential candidates, straight from our system, record a video of you asking the questions, or even upload a professional video edited together by your marketing team or management company.

Asking for a video interview from potential candidates also positions your business above your competitors. Candidates will trust that you are a professional, forward thinking business and this generates respect, loyalty and enthusiasm from the start.

You can also share your career page, single job advert, apply link or open video interviews on social media channels straight from the tool. This gives you access to the power of social media with the ability to manage everything in one secure location.

Record interviews from a phone, tablet or laptop

Now for the technical bit… The network is highly secure and you can record our videos from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You only need 0.3mb of upload speed to create a video, so there are no excuses for not being able to produce a high definition video response.

Prices start from as little as €7.50 per candidate and your account can be activated within minutes.

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Sample video interview questions

We  Our Clients

  • I was very excited doing the video recording because I have not done anything like this before. I am not a confident speaker so I learned the answers to the questions by heart in order to get them across fluently. It was great to be able to re-record as many times as I liked.

  • I like the concept – Indeed I think it will really make us stand out from the crowd!

    Head of Recruitment
  • I really think this is a great tool to use when you want to hire a new crew. We use it here and ask new crew to make a few videos explaining their last experiences and other information to register when they want to apply for a job. For sure is a big help to have this before we interview.

    Head Stewardess 120M
  • As a captain of a 100+m yacht, I am always busy. Combining a great crew agents services with TUVYC's online interviewing makes decision making on board easier and much quicker. We saved lots of time, and money by not having to invite multiple candidates on board for traditional interviews. I highly recommend TUVYC to make the whole process manageable and pain free.

    MY Pelorus
  • I think the TUVYC team have hit on something valuable and forward thinking with their online interviewing products. In today’s world, we’re all searching for technology that saves time, money and reduces our carbon footprint – this fits the bill!

    Norma Trease
    Editor at Large, Yachting Matters

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